Natural Parasite Cleanses

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Natural Parasite Cleanses


Parasites are all over the body; these microorganisms feed off from hosts, like humans, and in turn cause illnesses and diseases. You may be aware of common parasites like lice, ticks, worms and other organisms in the intestinal tract; all of these can cause severe health conditions if left untreated.

A natural parasite cleanse is therefore at hand to get rid of these harmful organisms easily. With a parasite cleanse, the body can rejuvenate and can reduce the risk of developing severe complications when parasites cause infections and illnesses.
Parasite cleansing starts at the colon, where most opportunistic organisms thrive and wait when the body’s defenses are low. Colons cleanse to sweep off harmful bacteria, toxins and harmful substances is an ideal part of parasite cleansing.

Causes of Parasites

You may be unaware of it but parasites are everywhere. Parasites can range from microbes that are found in uncooked or partially cooked food to contaminated food and beverages that a person ingests. Here are some common causes:

  • Eating raw or undercooked foods like meat, poultry, fish and eggs can increase a person’s risk of getting parasites.
  • Swimming in parasite infested waters like beaches, ponds and lakes can also pace a person at risk.
  • Having pets like cats can predispose a person to getting toxoplasmosis, a highly infectious illness that can cause serious complications.
  • Lice and ticks on hair can be from sharing personal grooming materials of a person infested with the parasite.

Symptoms of Parasite Infestation

Here are some of the possible signs of parasite infestation:

  • Acute stomach pain, ulcer formation, constipation, indigestion and sometimes nausea and vomiting may indicate that there is a parasite infestation in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Muscle pains, joint pains and uncontrollable movements may indicate parasite infestation in the nervous system or in the adjoining tissue or joint.
  • Presence of food and environmental allergies may also signal parasitic infestation.
  • Anemia, lack of appetite, weakness and fatigue can signal that there are parasites in the digestive system competing with the host for nutrients from food.
  • Any skin condition like dermatitis, severe itching, scaling, hives, rashes and eczema may indicate parasite infestation in the skin and mucous membranes.

Treatments of Parasites

Natural parasite cleanses are the most effective way to reduce parasite population in the many systems of the body. These cleanses involves a colon cleanse, a liver cleanse and a kidney cleanse. There are foods that are eaten or supplements that are prescribed to start parasite cleanses right away.

The use of pumpkin seeds, pomegranate juice, black walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves are effective parasite cleansing properties. These herbs are usually taken together to significantly reduce parasite worms and eggs before they develop. Your doctor can best advice the right parasite cleanse program for you.

Before any cleansing regimen, remember that any medication you are currently taking can cause adverse effects when combined with herbal formulations. Talk to your doctor for the ideal supplement or herbal formulation for you.

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