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Pinellia Ternata Root

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Pinellia ternata Root


Pinellia ternata may also be called Green Dragons, Ban Xia, Arum dracontium or Pinelliae Tuber. The Pinellia ternata is a small herb which has leaves that vary from one sub species to another. There are noticeable small bulbs on the leaves of the Pinellia ternata and it also may have three to many little leaflets. The Pinellia ternate is plant that is actually native to the Asian continent.
The Pinellia ternata root is one of the many parts of the Pinellia ternata plant that has medicinal properties. The Pinellia ternata root is considered one of the most important medicinal herbs in ancient Chinese medicine and is deemed to be quite beneficial in the treatment of many respiratory illnesses. The raw Pinellia ternata root is toxic, therefore careful preparation is necessary to remove oxalates and gastric irritants before it is used as a remedy.

History and Origin

The use of the Pinellia ternata root is well known in Chinese traditional medicine and since the root is considered toxic, it is used externally as a poultice for wounds and burns. Processed parts of the root are however used in many respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. The name Green Dragons is actually a very common name for the Pinellia ternata since it has a green color and dragon–like shape of the inflorescence of the Pinellia ternata plant. The hooded spathe has a dragon tongue like extension that earned helped to earn this plant its name.

Ancient Uses

Although classified as being toxic, the Pinellia ternata root is regarded as an herbal remedy in ancient Chinese medicines. It is used to treat phlegm in coughs and also as a treatment for more stubborn coughs. It was used in herbal formulas to warm the lungs, as a cure for nausea and vomiting and also to decrease the size of goiters and nodules.

Modern Uses

In modern times, the Pinellia ternata root has been known to contain chemicals that are similar to Ephedrine. It was used as a weight loss regimen; but in 2004, Pinellia ternata root-containing treatments were banned by the U.S. FDA since side effects like heart attack and the possibility of stroke was seen in many users.
Other uses for the Pinellia ternata root are for the treatment of nausea, vomiting, influenza, inflammation and also for cough. This herb is also used for birth control and also for many types of illnesses as well.

Side Effects

There isn’t enough studies and research regarding the safety of the Pinellia ternata root for the treatment of many types of illnesses. Although it is widely accepted in traditional Chinese medicine, it is very important to consult your doctor regarding its dosage and use before trying it out. It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and also for very young children. The use of Pinellia ternata root for weight loss is not recommended and it is therefore important to consult your doctor and a fitness expert regarding the ideal weight loss regimen for your condition.
Do not attempt to use this herbal remedy without any doctor’s advice. Pinellia ternata root may be harmful if combined with your medication and without accurate dosing.

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