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Propolis is found in bee hive. This is a mixture of chemicals that honey bees collect from the resin present in trees, flowers, and other living plants. Honey bees used it to seal small spaces in their bee hive. It is also used to protect the bee hive from their enemies and other intruders. This also helps them to keep their bee hive warm inside during winter season, but it becomes brittle whenever cold weather approaches.

There are lots of speculation that propolis is used by honey bees to stabilize their bee hive and apparently to reduce some vibrations. It has been discovered that propolis also block parasites in coming through the bee hive. Another thing that it blocks is the possible diseases that might enter their hive.
Propolis is not only beneficial for honey bees, but it is also beneficial to human health. It contains resins that cure tree and plant’s wounds. This is why medical practitioners thought that it will also take effect on conditions like inflammation, ulcers, and some skin burns.

It is also believed that propolis is good in boosting our immune system and strengthening our heart. So, if you love the sweet taste of propolis, then you are rest assured that heart attack will not visit you. But of course you need to avoid those foods that usually cause heart attack and strokes.

Propolis also has antimicrobial properties that are used in producing antibiotics medicine. It cures sore throat and some dental problems too.

Propolis also has an antitumor property. This property will keep you from having diseases such as breast cancers, and brain tumors.
But of course, before you drink propolis you have to make sure first that you don’t have any allergies on bee products. So, all you have to do is consult your physician first.

Propolis can be seen in medicines such as ointments, which is used for external wounds. It also has natural penicillin that doesn’t have a side effect once use.

As you can see, propolis has lots of use, especially in medical fields. This does not only save honey bees from their enemies and plague, but it also save us from different diseases that we might encounter in the near future.

It is also a reliever for minor diseases such as allergies, burns, nasal congestions, acne, coughs, and respiratory infections. It is nice to know that propolis is not only a good reliever for minor diseases, but for major diseases, too.

Take some propolis or propolis supplement once in a while or as prescribed by physicians, this will help you to have a healthier body. While taking this propolis supplement you should also remember that you need to have a proper diet. Proper diet means eliminating fats that are not needed by the body, taking enough calories that our body needs, eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in different micronutrients, and engaging in regular exercise. You also need to take good care of yourself by being careful in your day to day activity to prevent physical accidents.

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