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Natural Treatment Options for Relaxation


Anxiety and stress can plague the body causing serious effects and complications when not reduced immediately. A healthy amount of stress is indeed helpful; it can increase blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration giving the heart and lungs a little exercise. Stress is also our body’s protective abilities working full time; when the body is stressed it becomes more alert, more energetic and more sensitive to physical and mental stimuli.

Severe stress and anxiety on the other hand can strain the entire body causing the immune system to go overdrive plus, a barrage of symptoms develops as a result of a real or imagined fear. It is therefore important to know natural treatment options for relaxation to reduce stress, anxiety and to return to the body’s regular functioning.

Symptoms of Stress

A stressed person may or may have distinguishing symptoms.

Initially there are increased vital signs (respiration, pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature as evidenced by flushing), then the body goes into a series of symptoms: there may be headaches, changes in vision, ringing in the ears, pains in different areas of the body, hyperacidity, abdominal pains, diarrhea, increased urination, deep muscle pain, insomnia and many other symptoms.

A stressed person may have these emotional and psychological symptoms: confusion, irritability, decreased cognitive functioning, decreased ability to focus on activities, inability to make decisions and more. Severe stress or chronic stress can lead to depression, hallucinations, extreme changes in behavior, ticks, repetitive behavior, eating disorders and may also lead to thoughts of suicide.

Natural Treatment Options for Relaxation

Relaxation is important to everyone; young and old need time off from work, school, chores, family problems and many other stressors to rejuvenate and prevent complications due to chronic stress and anxiety. Here are some natural options for relaxation you can do today:

  • Relaxation techniques – there are several relaxation techniques to de-stress, remove thoughts that provoke stress and if done regularly, can train the mind to focus and to not be vulnerable to stress. Activities like meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, aromatherapy and acupuncture are just some of the well known relaxation strategies.
  • Physical activities – all kinds of sports, outdoor recreational activities and hobbies can all reduce stress and help you relax. Just the thought of doing things that you really like can take your mind off worries and stress; physical activities can also develop the body and mind as well.
  • Pets – owning and caring for pet cats, dogs, fishes, birds, small mammals, etc can all help reduce blood pressure, calm the senses and ultimately bring relaxation.
  • Herbal remedies – there are a lot of herbs with amazing therapeutic properties that can induce relaxation and help initiate sleep. Herbs like valerian root, chamomile, California poppy and many more are compounded and made into supplements, teas, extracts and infusions which are readily available over the counter. Talk to your doctor for the right herb for you if you if you have illnesses or if you are taking any maintenance medication.

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