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Sodium Lactate

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Sodium Lactate


Sodium Lactate is sodium salt of lactic acid. It is also called monosodium salt and lactic acid sodium salt. This substance is produced by fermentation of sugar from beets or corn. The resulting lactic acid is then neutralized to produce a compound with the formula NaC3H5O3.

Sodium lactate is basically a liquid substance, but it can also be available in powder form. The liquid form is usually used also for injection.

Sodium Lactate is canary thick liquid or colorless, it can dissolve to ethanol or water, it has strong moisture absorption, and can mix with several food additives. It is best for meat preservation.

History and Origin

Lactic acid, the source of Sodium Lactate is present in almost all kinds of organized life and could have been found in primitive life forms that exist on earth from the very beginning. However, for a very long time; it was difficult to recognize.

Numerous experiments were made on milk as the source of lactic acid. It was only in 1857 when Pasteur has discovered lactic yeast and that lactic acid is produced by fermentation. From that discovery, came also the discovery of Sodium Lactate, which is the salt in Lactic acid.

Ancient Uses

Sodium lactate was known as a salt with lesser acid rather than being a base salt. It was also recognized that lactate had to be processed in the liver before the sodium could have any effect for treatment. Therefore, it was widely used as a pharmaceutical specialty. In 1881, Charles Avery started to produce Lactate for food production purposes.

After several studies, Sodium Lactate, the salt in Lactic acid was discovered to be effective in food production and cosmetic products.
Modern Uses

It is used as a buffering agent, an exfoliant, and skin-conditioning agent. It is also designated as safe for general or specific, limited use in food.

The powder form of Sodium Lactate is mostly used for cosmetic as a strong antimicrobial and humectants. It is also used to harden bar soaps, increase retention of moisture, and reduce cracking.
Sodium Lactate is also a good preservative for food products as it creates an undesirable environment for the growth of bacterial. It is also good as antioxidation potentiator, flavor enhancer, and heat preservation agent.

Sodium Lactate can also be used as Human Prescription Drug, which is Sodium lactate injection. It is a sterile, non-pyrogenic concentrated solution of sodium lactate in water that is used for injection. The solution is administered as an electrolyte replenisher and systemic alkalizer.

Side Effects

Sodium Lactate was determined safe for use in cosmetics, but subject to certain restrictions on concentrations or manner of usage. It is not toxic to the environment and classified as non-carcinogen or may cause cancer.

Studies have shown that sodium lactate does not cause allergies and immunotoxicity. There is also no worry for possible contamination.
Sodium lactate injection should not be used in patients where lactate levels are increased such as congestive heart failure, shock, respiratory alkalosis, or where utilization of lactate is decreased as in beriberi and anoxia. It is advised that if used for pregnant women, a consultation with a physician should be done. However, the only adverse effects of sodium lactate are basically limited to overdose of either Sodium or Lactate ions.

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