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Herbs for Better Vision


Vision problems are a host of problems that arise from poor eyesight. It includes blurred vision, nearsightedness, far sightedness, floater and blind spots. Blurred vision is the most common problem in vision which accounts for more and more people visiting an eye specialist yearly. Blurred vision is the inability to view small details or to read from afar.

It has been researched that there are herbs, foods and supplements that can significantly improve a person’s eyesight. With the use of these herbs, vision problems are not only reduced but prevent gradual failing of vision as well. On the other hand, all vision problems must be carefully assessed by a heath expert before using treatments and remedies.

Causes of Blurred Vision

There are many health conditions that may lead to problems with vision. Some of these are medical conditions like diabetes, stroke and brain tumors, trauma or injury to the eye, eye infection, aging, genetics, environmental causes, fatigue and medications like antihistamines, antihypertensives, anti TB medications, medications for malaria and many more.

Herbs to Improve Vision

Not all vision problems may be treatable; some may be an impairment in vision that can gradually worsen over time. Some vision problems like blurred vision on the other hand may be improved and may also be prevented with the use of herbal remedies and natural remedies:

  • Bilberry – is a relative of the cranberry known for a bioflavonoid that can speed the regeneration of a pigment in the eye that improves vision. This herb is rich in proanthocyanidins and anthrocyanidins which are antioxidants that help remove toxins and harmful substances from the body. You can buy bilberry supplements over the counter in most herbal supplement shops.
  • Ginko biloba – is a potent herb that can reduce the effects of macular degeneration and is also used in many vascular disorders like spasms and hypoxia. It can also repair cells that are damaged by harmful free radicals.
  • Walnuts, olive oil and flaxseeds – these are foods that are rich n omega – 3 fatty acids that can protect the eyes form damage due to light, free radicals and lack of blood and nutrient supply.
  • Oats, rice bran, wheat germ and oils – these foods are rich in tocotrienols that are considered powerful antioxidants which can help restore and maintain perfect eyesight.
  • Carrots, pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes – these foods are rich in beta carotene which is known to be effective in reducing vision problems and improve eyesight as well.
  • Cowhage and suma extracts – these herbs also have properties that can significantly reduce vision problems plus rejuvenate vision health.
  • Vitamin A supplements – vitamin A is known to be the vitamin for good vision and lack of this vitamin in our daily diet can predispose us to vision problems and night blindedness. You may eat more vitamin A rich foods like carrots, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc or you may take vitamin A supplements to make the most of this important vitamin.

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