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Beta Sitosterol

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Beta Sitosterol


Beta Sitosterol is known as the most effective natural hair loss supplement for men. It is a part of a family of phytosterols which include capesterol and beta-sitostanol and campestanol. These phytosterols are extracted from plants and are found in common foods that we consume every day.

Beta Sitosterol is not just known for the treatment of hair loss but also for the many beneficial health factors that it brings. It is known to lower blood cholesterol and also in prevention of cancers and the treatment of leukemia.

History and Origin

Beta Sitosterol along with its counterpart phytosterols have many functions; along with lowering blood cholesterol, these chemicals have been used in many industries as a food additive and as a preservative. There has been many tests and research findings regarding the possibility of retarding male pattern baldness and also in the treatment of hair loss as well making Beta Sitosterol, the most used among all the other phytosterols.

Ancient Uses

Beta Sitosterol is naturally found in plants and but its use was not known during the ancient times. Plants have many therapeutic properties and have been used by many cultures as treatment of many illnesses. All plant parts can be used as medicine, from the root to its fruit. Phytosterols were not known specifically then but have been benefiting man since ancient times.

Modern Uses

During our recent modern times, Beta Sitosterol was seen as a treatment for inflammation. It was tested on patients with multiple sclerosis and was found to have the ability to reduce pain and inflammation. It had significant effect on patient’s well being and had no untoward side effects at all.

It is in managing blood cholesterol that many experts use Beta Sitosterol. Patients with high cholesterol levels were reported to have a positive effect on their blood pressure level as well as the decrease cholesterol level in blood.

Many hair care products use Beta Sitosterol as main ingredient in hair loss treatments and the prevention of male pattern baldness. Famous hair growth treatments claim that they have had significant findings to support Beta Sitosterol’s ability to prevent hair loss in men and many have reported that hair loss was also treated with Beta Sitosterol as well.

Beta Sitosterol has also seen use as a treatment for leukemia owing to the many research studies and tests that have been done to support this claim. There were positive results too, regarding the effect of Beta Sitosterol in the decrease of prostate gland size in patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects of Beta Sitosterol especially when used as an ingredient in hair care products. However, do not use Beta Sitosterol containing products on scalp with open wounds or inflamed and irritated scalp.

Although many claim that they have had positive results in using hair care products with Beta Sitosterol in the treatment of hair loss and male pattern baldness, it is not enough to rely on this treatment alone. A proper diet and stress management can prevent hair loss and may retard male pattern baldness.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not advised to use supplements containing Beta Sitosterol.

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