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Brahmi Leaf Extract (Bacopa Monnieri)

Brahmi Monnieri is a diverse herb used for a multitude of reasons that are becoming more known every day in our modern medicinal society, as more focus is being put on a more natural approach to medicine. Bacopa monnieri is an herb that grows abundantly in wetlands and along shore lines; it needs a moist environment in which to grow and is actually a native herb of India, Nepal, Taiwan and Vietnam.

History of Brahmi Extract

Throughout its history, Brahmi extract has been one of the more important herbs when it comes to Ayurvedic medicine. In India, the herb was used with new born children, with the wide held belief being that the herb would cause the child to become more open minded and intelligent; essentially the Brahmi extract was actually believed to free the mind of the child.
Modern Uses of Brahmi Extract

The uses of the Brahmi extract today has grown to treat more modern issues and it is now widely accepted as being successful at doing just that. Brahmi extract is closely used in the same way that Gotu Kola is used; however it is somewhat more successful in most cases. It has received the majority of this notoriety because of its calming qualities, which also go hand in hand with how it is said to treat Anxiety, Insomnia, issues with Concentration, anger management issues, as well as a multitude of other issues, most of which are closely tied with not being able to appreciate full Relaxation. Brahmi extract is useful for students as it enhances the ability to concentrate, learn and focus.

This has lead to it being a go to herbal supplement for students of all ages, increasing memory as well as an understanding of concepts and ideas over all. Multiple studies have been conducted on students taking Brahmi extract and have noted they had improved intellectual activity. A test on rats showed that they had improved motor skills in addition to a larger memory capacity.

Side Effects of Brahmi Extract

When trying to find associated side effects of taking Brahmi Monnieri, you will find little to nothing. Being that there is no well known side effect, and that it’s natural and non-addictive, one can say it is a safe medicine. Only one study showed that a small amount of people had reported some mild gastrointestinal issues, however these were also resolved within a matter of time making it seem as if they were not really tied to the use of Bacopa Monnieri.

The fact that there are little to no side effects, coupled with the natural characteristics of this herbal medicine makes it one that is appealing to almost anyone, especially those who are studying. Its uses are helpful for issues that everyone can relate to, such as anxiety, anger, concentration and relaxation. The simple calming effect is one we try to mimic with things like baths, candles, or reading in bed, is one that can be achieved wholly and portably through the use of Brahmi Monnieri, making it one of the most appealing nutritional supplements and alternative medicines out there.

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