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Camellia Sinensis

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Camellia Sinensis


Carmellia sinensis is one of the main ingredients in the production of Chinese tea. This plant is native to China and is cultivated all around the world to make special herbal teas. It is a small tree with small leaves that contain a significant amount of caffeine. The plant also has small flowers that are yellow-white in color.
The younger leaves of the Carmellia sinensis are harvested for tea. This plant is the source of white tea, green tea, black tea and many other Chinese herbal teas used for therapeutic purposes.

History and Origin

The term sinensis for Carmellia sinensis means Chinese in Latin. The name Carmellia was derived from the Latin name of Rev, Georg Kamel, S.J. who was a Czech-born Jesuit priest who was a missionary assigned to the Philippines. Aside from being a missionary, he was also a botanist who discovered many plant species. Carl Linnaeus named this plant in honor of the reverend’s contribution to Botany.

Ancient Uses

Carmellia sinensis was unheard of during the ancient times but tea was a popular drink even during the ancient times. Tea was brewed using many types of leaves in many different cultures. In ancient China, the Carmellia sinensis was used to make therapeutic teas which are used to remedy gastric illnesses, to invigorate the body and strengthen the immune system. It was even believed in some cultures to repel bad spirits and to prepare warriors for war.

Modern Uses

In modern times, Carmellia sinensis was considered indispensable in the tea industry with most of the tea varieties derived from this particular plant. Tea is drunk as a beverage and also to treat many illnesses.

Carmellia sinensis as drunk as a tea is used to cure illnesses of the gastro intestinal system such as stomach pain, bloating, gas, indigestion, diarrhea and even constipation. Tea is also beneficial to stimulate the palate to improve appetite.

Teas made from Carmellia sinensis are also used to invigorate the immune system and to improve respiratory conditions like asthma and dry hacking cough. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners advice drinking Carmellia sinensis teas to treat angina pectoris, peripheral vascular diseases and coronary artery diseases.
Carmellia sinensis, in the green tea variety, is also known to be effective in reducing bad breath. It is also known to have antibacterial properties that can benefit preservation of organic foods and also for the treatment of bacterial infections as well.
Teas are either taken hot or cold. There are commercially prepared tea drinks or you can brew tea by yourself. Tea is best taken just after brewing; sugar, lemon, nutmeg, and other delicious spices may be added to enhance its flavor.

Side Effects

Drinking tea in moderate amounts is beneficial to every person’s health. It can be taken daily without any serious side effects to worry about. Teas that are made from Carmellia sinensis are safe and may be taken by pregnant women and even by young children.

Drinking tea has absolutely no side effects at all. In traditional Chinese medicine, everyone is encouraged to take tea everyday to promote wellness and to prevent many types of illnesses.

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