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Cold Sore Treatments

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Cold Sore Treatments

Possible Treatments for Cold Sores

Cold sores are small white blisters surfacing on the lips or even on the mouth. These result from a virus called herpes virus. Unluckily, similar to the genital herpes, it is also a lasting condition that doesn’t have a treatment yet. In addition, this doesn’t just attack your lips or mouth but the nerves close to the brain stem as well. Herpes virus can be stimulated by too much heat and stress, and since weak immune system is also a cause of blisters formation, it also bursts up when you are having flu or cold. But there are several natural methods of treating cold sores.
The virus is keeping itself available through attaching to arginine, an amino acid found within the body. However, the virus has no place if there’s already another amino acid that is attached to arginine. Taking an amino acid called “lysine” functions to stop the virus from being attached to arginine and building up within the body. If you are having frequent cold sore outbreaks, ask your physician on the right amount of lysine that you must take. If you are having less frequent cold sore outbreaks, then you have an intake of safe dosage of lysine. Lysine can also be obtained in foods such as chocolate, eggs, avocado, ricotta cheese and turkey. But you need to avoid foods that contained the amino acid arginine like milk, pork, seeds, and nuts.

Consuming yogurt is another way of treating cold sores to combat the bacteria within the body which are the cause of cold sore. Consume 2 to 3 cups per day of yogurt that contains acidophilus. As soon as you feel the first sign of cold sores, you can apply some ice on them through preparing an ice cold compress. The next natural method of treating cold sores is through the intake of herb astralagus, which serves as an immune system booster and aids to combat bacterial infections. This herb is available in the tincture form or capsule form. Continue the intake of this herb all throughout the cold sore outbreak.

Your intake of zinc, magnesium, and calcium should also be increased to help combat cold sores. You need to take 15 mg of zinc and 1000 mg of magnesium and calcium to help you in preventing chronic cold sore. Zinc aids in strengthening the tissue inside the mouth and on the lips where cold sore come together. Your intake of vitamin E and beta carotene must also be increased. This can help in strengthening the mucus membranes of the mouth and in speeding up the healing process of cold sore. Have an intake of 2000 mg of vitamin C in order to strengthen your immune system. To get relief from the pain caused by cold sores, try making use of lemon balm as frequent as you want on your cold sore. Even though there are no treatments for cold sores yet, you can help to combat them with the use of natural remedies that accelerate the healing process and they can also help you in preventing chronic or even regular cold sore outbreaks.

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