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Collagen Type II

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Collagen Type II‏ (Hyaluronic acid and Chondroitin complex)

The city of Yuzurihara is in Japan and it is known for being home to many residents who are aged 80+. Even more surprisingly these people have maintained beautiful, smooth skin throughout their many decades of life. At 70, 75 or even 85 years of age these individuals still have healthy elasticity in their skin and there are relatively few facial wrinkles to be seen.

These Yuzurihara residents are also in good physical condition with fewer aging problems related to such common conditions such as Arthritis and senility. It has been discovered that their bodies also have higher levels of a compound known as HA (hyaluronic acid). The high levels of HA are attributed to the diet regimen practiced by the people in Yuzurihara.

Scientists are well aware that while these Japanese citizens enjoy excellent health, graceful aging and younger looking skin there are certain groups of individuals that are on the other end of the health and longevity spectrum. Progeria is a genetic condition that produces rapid aging, wrinkles, cataracts and premature death. These individuals usually die before reaching their 21st birthday. It is also noted that those afflicted with progeria excrete nearly 20 times more HA through their urine than those individuals who are not suffering from progeria.
Once this link between HA levels and aging was discovered it was only logical that scientists would focus their attention on this important biological compound.

Age Defying Effects of Hyaluronan

Hyaluronan (HA) has an important role to play in the human body. HA hydrates the tissues and cells and it is necessary for preventing bone degeneration. This compound helps heal wounds and is important for the maintenance of smooth, elastic skin and healthy cartilage. HA even plays a part in cell division. When a person is about 30 years old the levels and the organization of HA in their body has already begun to decline rapidly.

Hyaluronan Replacement Found in Collagen Type II

Now a replacement for HA has been discovered that the body can readily absorb and use. This is known as type II collagen and it is derived from the sternum of poultry. This particular type of collagen is very stable and can be absorbed into the blood stream within the first 4 hours of use. Collagen Type II continues to be absorbed for a number of hours after ingestion and the blood stream levels reach their peak in only 12-14 hours.
According to leading scientific experts a regimen that utilizes Type II collagen will result in higher levels of HA. This means that it is actually possible to use this form of collagen to effectively combat those typical signs and symptoms that accompany the normal aging process.

Fight Aging Skin Problems with Type II Collagen

Youthful, smoother skin will result when a person is taking daily supplements of Type II collagen. It is now possible to prevent many typical signs of aging skin from ever occurring. Those who may already have wrinkles and sagging skin are even provided with a way to reverse these visible aging processes.

Additional Type II Collagen Benefits

With Type II collagen it is also possible to reduce inflammation in the body. The ligaments, tendons and cartilage will become stronger and more elastic which means easier movement of muscles and joints.

With typical DJD (degenerative joint disease) there are damaging enzymes that are produced. This results in aging processes that speed up the destruction of connective tissues and cartilaginous tissues. However when Type II collagen is used the production of these enzymes are blocked or inhibited. This means that new cartilage production and the synthesis of other important body tissues are actually being supported by the use of the supplemental collagen.

Individuals who incorporate Type II collagen into their daily routines are also able to enjoy other health-boosting benefits. These include the fact that this form of collagen can boost the production of new collagen cells and protection against the most damaging oxidation processes that occur in the body.

High levels of collagen protein are also present in collagen Type II compounds. These protein sources enhance the appearance and underlying structure of fingernails, toenails and hair.


You will find Type II collagen supplements available through reputable vendors. These are offered as 500 milligram capsule products.

Most directions for collagen II supplements recommend the user to take 1-2 capsules at least 2-3 times each day. Typically a petite person who just wants to use this product as a joint and skin maintenance supplement could conceivably achieve the desired results with a dose of only 2 capsules each day.
In some instances dosages as large as 8-10 capsules per day may be suggested. You may prefer to take these capsules with meals, but you can take them on an empty stomach as well.

Potential Side Effects

Most people who use Type II collagen supplements will experience no side effects. There is a chance that a user could develop a slight, bloated sensation that generally passes very quickly. Others have noted mild side effects such as burping, an unpleasant taste in their mouth after swallowing the capsules or a feeling of abdominal fullness.

Safety First

Collagen Hydrolysates such as those found in Type II collagen are classified as GRAS by the medical community. This means that they are considered to be Generally Regarded as Safe by health professionals. This is also a very important designation since these supplements can also be used on a long term basis to treat a number of chronic processes commonly associated with aging.

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