Common Causes of Thinning Hair

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Common Causes of Thinning Hair


What are the causes of thinning hair? Well, there are many causes that contribute to hair thinning, as most people see the effects of thinning hair to be psychologically and socially devastating. This type of hair condition affects a lot of people regardless of age, race, and gender, and the number continues to grow each year.

Thinning hair condition may involve a lot of factors like genetic, extreme emotional stress, illness, and some medications, just to name a few. For women, hair thinning can happen during and after pregnancy. As for the most obvious reason, hair thinning could just be a part of an unavoidable aging process among people.

There are some instances that hair thinning is a result of too much stress and strain on the hair like too much teasing, excessive combing or brushing, and too much pulling and tightness due to constant ponytail. It can also be the result of over bleaching or due to excess use of permanents. As in this situation, thinning hair is still repairable and hair can grow out again. However, some people are not so lucky and they must learn to cope and live with hair thinning for the rest of their lives. Listed below are some possible causes of thinning hair among men and women.

  • Aging – Thinning hair is inevitable as people grow older. It is the most common and natural cause of hair thinning.
  • Hair Care Products – Excessive use as well as using stronger hair care products can eventually cause hair thinning. Curling iron or any other heat styling tools can cause thinning hair, as it can damage hair follicles. Cutting back on some of these hair care products and styling tools will help reduce or prevent hair thinning.
  • Genetics or Heredity – if thinning hair runs in the family from generation to generation, chances are that present children will acquire the same hair condition.
  • Hormones – hormones in people can affect hair growth just like genetics or heredity does. Hormones can cause hair follicles to contract resulting to rapid thinning or shorter hair growing and even total hair loss.
  • Medications – some drugs or medicines can cause thinning hair among people such as cancer treatment drugs or chemotherapy, some anti-depressants, birth control pills, stress, and childbirth, to name a few.
  • Medical Conditions – some illnesses or diseases can cause hair thinning like diabetes, cancer, and more.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle and Poor Diet – Unhealthy daily activities and poor eating habit can cause thinning hair. A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will surely promote and result in a healthy and shiny hair.
  • Too Much Pulling, Tightness, and Teasing – continuous wearing of hairstyles that pull and tug hair will most likely lead to thinning hair. Avoid wearing ponytails and tight braids will surely prevent hair thinning.

If any of the above conditions caused hair thinning, consulting a medical professional will be a wise move to make, as acquiring proper medical advice or treatment can definitely save hair from thinning. Even if there are no cures or treatments for thinning hair, proper care to reduce or prevent the damage and breakage or even hair loss is always very essential.

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