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Deionized Water

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Deionized Water


Deionized water is simply water with the ions removed. The ions are removed through passing the water through several stages of electrically charged resins; these resins attract the salts and the ions contained in the water resulting in highly filtrated water.
Deionized water has no sodium, iron, Copper, Calcium, chloride and bromide ions which are present in ordinary tap water. All of the impurities are also removed therefore it could be called pure water; but it can still contain bacteria and viruses.

History and Origin

The use of deionized water has stemmed from the idea that water is better off pure. But since deionized water may still contain bacteria and various viruses that are not attracted to electrically charged resins that collect impurities and ions in water, deionized water could still pose a risk to health.

Deionized water can be created in the home with water filters that use direct osmosis.

Ancient Uses

Water is drunk from rivers and in reservoirs like lakes. Water has long been considered an indispensable part of maintaining health and cleanliness. Water is also used in many religious rituals all around the world. Immersing the entire body in water means rebirth and purifying the body from evil in many religions and customs as well.

Modern Uses

Deionized water is cleaner, safer and great tasting water. It has benefits to health simply because deionized water, or pure water, does not contain harmful toxins and chemicals.

It also has many applications in the manufacturing field. It is used in lead acid batteries and also for water in steam irons. Pure water is also used in the pharmaceutical field as an additive for medications and preparations.

Deionized water is used in laboratories for microbiology experiments and also in chemical reactions.

Deionized water is pure and is perfect for preparing feeding bottle formulas in newborn infants.

It may be costly to put up a deionizing water filtration unit at home but the benefits definitely outweigh the price. It is also easy to maintain with only a few accessories that you need to clean and maintain every month. It is necessary to use water filtration units in places where there is hard water and questionable water for safety purposes. Obtaining the ions lost, which could also be beneficial to the body, is done through adding these ions in the daily diet.

Side Effects

Since you can easily obtain the ions lost through eating a well balanced meal, there are absolutely no side effects to drinking deionized water. You can consume deionized water as much as you like.

Since bacteria and viruses can still be present in deionized water, you can ask your local water filtration unit provider for the ideal water filtration unit that can be effective for straining bacteria and viruses as well. Ask about the ideal maintenance of your water filtration system at home and know the appropriate cleaning measures to be used.

Eat a well balanced meal or take dietary supplements like multivitamins to replenish the lost ions that can be found in water.

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