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Herpes Simplex Virus

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Herpes Simplex Virus

Herpes Simplex Virus Facts

Herpes simplex virus is the infection which has been on earth for quite sometime now. The infection is defined in Encarta dictionary as viral skin condition marked by some clusters of small watery blister. The disease is categorized in two, which is type one or the HSV-1 and the type two or HSV-2. The disease could affect the lips, mouth, and the genitals. Simple virus in the mouth is also known as mouth or oral herpes, while simple virus in the genitals is known as genital herpes.

The infection is normally spread through contact and sexual intercourse with the person who’s infected by the condition. Lots of people happens to carry this condition without the idea of having this contagious virus. It can damage a person’s immune system. Kissing with the person that has oral herpes could be dangerous as it can simple spread through contact and salivary glands.


The sign of infection varies in the person. Some may have the symptom earlier than the others. Some signs of the infections may include blisters and cold sores. The disease has life cycle of twenty one days. It disappears afterwards but leaves the person with virus.


Barrier protection processes are the most dependable way to prevent transmission of herpes simplex virus, through they can just decrease the risk than totally eliminate it. On the other hand, there are several drugs over the counter that claims to give complete relief as well as total eradication of the disease. Before you start with any treatment, make sure that you have diagnosis through skin clinic and look for the physician’s advice. Pharmaceutical companies often come out with different drugs, few of them claims that they can totally cute the ailment.

Once you learn that you have herpes simplex virus, get rid from young kids and prevent kissing them as they can easily get infection. Their immune system isn’t capable yet of fighting scourge. Herpes simplex actually is the most usual virus found in human, it causes infections in the skin as well as in the mucous membrane. However, it is also the cause of more viral infection in some other parts of human body. Virus infection from herpes can cause serious extensive disease in the immune suppressed person (cancer and HIV patients, for instance).

Like other members of herpes virus family, herpes simplex virus remains in the body for life. Simplex virus affects human only and there’s no cure. It’s estimated that more than half of million new conditions of the virus happen each year and in US alone, 1 out of 5 of total adult and adolescent population are being infected.

Newly born babies can catch the virus from their mom at birth. When newborn baby is infected with herpes virus, here are the following symptom that can exist during the baby’s first month:

  • Breathing problems
  • Irritability
  • Fever
  • Jaundice
  • Convulsion
  • Bruising and low platelet counts
  • Sore in the skin

For you to avoid infection, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Get rid of unhealthy foods that can trigger the virus. You have to be aware of this condition as this resides in your immune and ready to be triggered.

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