Hyperactivity in Children

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Hyperactivity in Children


Hyperactivity in children is typically one of the six specific indications of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with hyperactivity or inactivity on a regular basis over six months in two settings. Through the standard guidelines, a medical expert could diagnose ADHD. It involves the information gathered from few sources which include caregivers, parents and school. Most doctors can consider how such behavior of a child is compared with the other children with the same age.

Symptoms of ADHD

Children with the ADHD show signs of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention in detailed ways:

  • Have trouble playing peacefully
  • Fiddle and struggle
  • Habitually conversing
  • Interfering or disrupting others
  • Effortlessly distracted
  • Can’t finished the tasks

These behaviors can be related to ADHD symptoms but these are actually not.

  • Hidden seizures
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Medical disorders, which affects the brain function

Types of the Children ADHD

  • reckless/hyperactive type
  • unmindful type
  • combination of the hyperactive/inattentive type

How Can You Diagnose a Child with ADHD?

Based from medical experts, it is hard to diagnose this illness in children less than five years old. Several of the ADHD symptoms appear in different situations in most preschool children. Additionally, most hyperactivity in children varies rapidly during their preschool years. In due to this, it is also hard to diagnose ADHD in teenagers.

However, doctors can easily determine if your child has ADHD through the standard guidelines which are developed by the American Pediatrics Academy. These guidelines are for children aging from six to twelve. In addition, doctors can also conduct medical history to help to put the behavior of the child in context. Moreover, the process of the ADHD diagnosis requires few steps as well as it involves gathering much information from multiple sources.

Overview to the ADHD Treatment

The family and child education is merely an essential component of the treatment plan that encompasses special drug treatment, educational programs and psychological intervention. Moreover, you have to ensure to discuss the entire options with the provider of your child to find the treatment for him or her.

There are studies showing that treatment are endured in medication and behavioral therapy is considered as far superior to the medication treatment even without the specific treatments to manage impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention, depression and anxiety symptoms. Children that are treated with the therapy and ADHD drugs have good social skills.

The Childhood ADHD Drugs

Stimulants or the psycho stimulants are highly effective in treating the childhood ADHD. They include Adderall XR, Ritalin and Concerta, which help to focus the thoughts of the children, thus, ignoring one’s distractions. Moreover, these medications are found to be extremely effective in seventy to eighty percent of the patients.

Strattera is one of the non-stimulant medications which are used to treat ADHD in children. Studies have shown that there is evidence indicating that over 70% of the children that was given medication has essential improvements. However, it takes some time to determine the best schedule, dosage and medication for the ADHD patient. Certain ADHD drugs have side effects but it tends to occur early in the treatment.

Behavioral Healing

It involves the adjustment of the environment for the promotion of social interactions. Moreover, adjustments are comprised with encouraging routines, stating expectations clearly and making more structure with the hyperactivity in children. These are the other forms of treatment which could benefit one’s child.

  • Parenting skills and support groups training
  • Social skills training

ADHD Coach

Coaching is the new treatment field of ADHD or the hyperactivity in children. Certain ADHD coaches aim to assist children within the various areas of their own lives.

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