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Types and Signs of ADD/ Attention Deficit Disorder

In several cases, it's assumed that Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD is a condition that affects kids between infancy and adolescent years. Truth is, the indications or symptoms of the condition continue in adulthood. If they are left untreated, they can hold back a person in completion of their regular activities and work along with the negative impact in their relationship.

Although Attention Deficit Disorder can affect adult and young kids, the symptoms will depend considerably. For example, instead of hyperactivity factor that usually present in kids, adult can experience restlessness. Another issue that adults have which kids don't is that they'll have difficulties in terms of employment and relationships. What is essential is that you just not have to learn how to identify Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms; you also have to learn how to manage.

Types of Attention Deficit Disorder/ ADHD

ADD symptoms are classified in 3 subcategories of disorder:

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