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Sexual Dysfunction

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Sexual Dysfunction

What is SexualDysfunction?

The desire for sex is very often comparedor equaled to a desire for eating, in that both can be defined as a type of ‘body appetite’. So just like we can talk about appetite loss, we can talk aboutlost desire for sex. A low libido refers to a lack of sexual desire or interest in having sexual intercourse. While low libido can affect both sexes, it is more commonly observed in women than in men.

Sexual appetite varies from person to personand desire, in most cases, depends on a range of circumstances. At times a low libido is a result of underlying physical conditions, while at other times it may be associated with psychological issues or may be a combination of the two.

Low sexual desire can cause a range of relationship problems and may also affect self-esteem. For men, especially, this type of sexual dysfunction is often hard to handle and is a taboo subject.

Because males are usually conceived as highly sexual individuals,lack of libidomay bring about feelings of guilt, suppressed anger, depression, stress, shame and low self–confidence.

What CausesSexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction can be temporary or long-lasting.Low libido may stem from physical or psychological factors or a combination of the later in both men and women. Since male and female sexual desire is experienced differently we will look at a few of the possible underlying causes for low libido in each sex. Other factors such as tiredness, sexual incompatibility, lack of time and privacy can also play part inlow male libido and low female libido.

Physical factors that may contribute to low male libido include:

• Prescription D r u g s • Obesity • Anemia • Constipation • Low Levels of Dopamine • Fibromyalgia • Lyme Disease • Diabetes • Heart Disease • Kidney Disease • Hypothyroidism • Alcoholism • Obesity • D r u g abuse • Impotence • Male Menopause • Nutritional Deficiencies • Premature Ejaculation

Psychological factors that may contribute to low male libido include: • Depression • Stress • Anorexia • Anxiety • Sexual Abuse and Trauma • Sexual Identity Crisis • Relationship Issues with Partner

Physical causes of low libido in women include: • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding • Medications such as Antidepressants and Contraceptives • Postpartum Depression • Anemia • Constipation • Low Levels of Dopamine • Fibromyalgia • Lyme Disease • Thrush • Urinary Tract Infection • Diabetes • Heart and Vascular Disease • Hypothyroidism • Menopause • Vaginismus • Dyspareunia • Alcoholism and D r u g Abuse

Psychological factors that may contribute to low female libido include: • Depression • Stress • Anorexia • Anxiety • Poor Self Image • Sexual Abuse and Trauma • Sexual Identity Crisis • Relationship Issues with Partner

Signs and Symptoms ofSexual Dysfunction

Most common signs and symptoms of this condition are: • Premature or delayed ejaculation in men • Erectile dysfunction (not being able to achieve or maintain an erection) • Pain during sex • Lack or loss of sexual desire • Lower urinary tract symptoms • Difficulty having an orgasm • Vaginal dryness

Classical Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

People affected withlow libidoshould research their options before agreeing to prescription d r u g s with their constant risk of side effects and potential for addiction. While medication may be appropriate when there are physical causes for male low libido, or female low libido, there are many safer and effective options which have been recommended by herbalists for thousands of years in traditional medicine.

Holistic Treatment ofSexual Dysfunction

Natural remediessuch as herbs have a long history of effectively increasing libido naturally along with sexual activity. Assortment of herbs can enhance sexual excitement without the negative side effects of prescription medication. Some examples of natural aphrodisiacsthat increase libido include Smilax ornata (Sarsaparilla), Eleutherococcussenticosis (Siberian Ginseng) and Sabalserrulata. Herbal treatments for decreased sex drive not only help to boost libido, but also have the added benefit ofimproving overall health and body functioning without the side effects of prescription d r u g s.

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