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Joint Pain

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Joint Pain


Joint pain is a major issue for a lot of people, especially for those who are over their prime years, which is all normal and natural. However, for those less fortunate who experience occasional or even constant chronic pain in their joints, there are things that should be considered in order to protect, reduce or even prevent joint pain from happening.

Causes of Joint Pain

So how do you protect joints from experiencing pain or relieve joint pain when it happens? If you are the type of individual that is very active and likes to engage in strenuous activities such as biking, swimming, and running, to name a few, you should take time to do warm-ups first in order to properly prepare your muscles and joints from the strenuous activities ahead. As strong, loose, and flexible muscles that surround your joints will help take and bear the stress of the strenuous workout off of your joints.

Treatment Options

It is highly recommended to build up strong core muscles to properly protect joints in order to prevent joint pain. Strong and flexible muscle groups in your back, buttocks, and stomach or abdomen will appropriately take the stress off your joints by absorbing the shock or impact that would usually be absorbed by the joints.

If sometimes or even most of the time you’ve been experiencing joint pain after a strenuous workout or any other type of physical activity for that matter, you can apply moist heat to the joint prior to your workout, as the moist heat will help loosen the joint. After you finished your workout, apply an ice pack to the joint area, as this will properly cool the joint down after use. To properly relieve and even prevent joint pain, you should make a good investment on your workout gears such as a good pair of rubber shoes for walking and running. As an excellent pair of rubber shoes that have good shock or impact absorbing capability are ideal in order to provide great strong arch support.

When performing your workout or doing your walking and running exercises, make certain to land on your feet lightly, as this will surely create minimal joint jarring all over your body that will definitely prevent joint pain after finishing your workout or exercise. You should practice this by doing a lot of stationary jumping while landing so lightly that both of your feet barely make a sound when hitting the ground. A good strong core muscles are required to properly achieve this, as landing lightly will not only alleviate or reduce joint pain, but also properly protect your joints in your everyday activities.

To properly relieve chronic joint pain apply moist heat on the affected area for about 10 to 20 minutes and afterwards apply an icy cool down for about 10 to 20 minutes also. As for acute joint pain, ice should only be applied on the affected area. If in case the joint pain does not go away and if there is any swelling on the affected area, it could possibly indicate a stress fracture. Going and consulting a medical professional for X-rays is highly recommended in this situation.

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