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Male Pattern Baldness

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Male Pattern Baldness


Male pattern baldness is a condition that afflicts a lot of men, as this is most commonly caused due to male genetics. Hair Loss is very common among all people, as you can lose a hundred or more hair each day. However, excessive hair loss is not normal, as it is something to be concern about. If you are suffering with male pattern baldness you should try to find out what is causing and what possible treatment there is before it becomes worse.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

According to many experts in the medical community, the most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness. This is caused by male sex hormones increased sensitivity in some part of the scalp area. And most experts agree that this type of hair condition is passed down from one generation to the other. The study reported that the male sex hormone plays a big part in this hair condition among men, as there are certain parts of the scalp that is very sensitive to this hormone. And due to this hormone, the hair follicles contract and as a result male pattern baldness occurs. If the hair follicles are not repaired or treated accordingly, they will continue to shrink and become so small that they can no longer replace any of the lost hair. The study also reported that although these hair follicles did not die, their ability to produce hair is already diminished.

Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness

Common symptoms of male pattern baldness are a receding hairline and hair loss at the top or back of the head. Usually male pattern baldness starts to happen about the age of 20 to 30 with men. Slowly or gradually the two spots on the head meets, forming a U-shaped pattern. The hair that remains is usually finer and you may find it hard to grow as fast as it should. As mentioned above, male pattern baldness is caused due to genetics. This means that if baldness or hair loss runs in the family, whether from great grandparents or from parents at present, the chances of acquiring male pattern baldness among male children is quite high.

Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Today, with the continuous improvement in the medical field, male pattern baldness can be easily treated, unlike a few years back. People who have male pattern baldness can choose various kinds of hair loss treatments such as through medications or through surgical or medical procedures. A good example of an OTC or over-the-counter hair loss treatment is Monoxidil lotion, as this is used by applying it to the scalp twice daily. Originally, Monoxidil was used to treat people with high blood pressure, but due to its side effect of hair growth it was reinvented to treat hair loss these days.

Medical procedures like hair transplant surgery are the most viable way to treat male pattern baldness. However, these types of procedures are expensive, but they do show great results. Scalp reduction is also becoming popular treatment among men with male pattern baldness. Although, this type of medical procedure is only effective when male pattern baldness is at its early stage, as the hair loss on the scalp is still contained in small area.

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