Medicines for Treating Respiratory Tract Infections

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Herbal Medicines for Treating Respiratory Tract Infections

Respiratory tract infection is classified into two, the upper respiratory tract infections and the lower respiratory tract infections.

Our respiratory system is responsible for receiving or inhaling air to continuously sustain the oxygen needs of our body. And it is also responsible for exhaling the carbon dioxide or waste air that our body does not need anymore.

Nose, sinus, pharynx, and larynx belong to upper respiratory tract, while lungs, bronchioles, trachea, and bronchial tube are parts of lower respiratory tract.

Diseases that you might encounter in your upper respiratory tract do not require you to visit your physician. This is because most of it will just passed away even without curing it. Sometimes, just enough rest and more intake of fluids can already cure it, no need to drink over the counter medicines. It will become advisable to see a doctor if the infection you encounter in your upper respiratory tract stays more than two weeks. Usually, infections here are just common colds, influenza, dry cough, and sinusitis. The only thing that you need to cure these infections is citrus producing fruits and vegetables.

If you are suffering from dry cough, oregano is here to lessen your burden. Just boil it until the water turns into green and take a spoon full of oregano extract then drink it immediately.
Vitamin C or ascorbic acid rich foods can also prevent mucous and phlegm development. So, always remind yourself that you need to take a glass of fruit juice a day to make sure that your immune system is in good hand.

Serious ailments in lower respiratory tract will require you to see a medical professional. This is because most of the lower respiratory tract infections are fatal. Asthma, lung cancer, and bronchitis require proper medicine to fully cure it.

You can find pulmonary tonic properties in some plants like chickweeds. Chickweeds soften the phlegm that keeps on sticking on your lungs. It also detoxifies and eliminates the bacteria that keep on living in your lungs.

Horehound is another herb that treat cough and loosen up the phlegm in the lungs. It also dilates vessels so that air can easily pass through the lungs.

Mullein is another herb that dissolves phlegm. It actually strengthens the lungs so that it can fight the bacteria that keep on destroying it. This is another medicine for dry cough.
Lower respiratory tract infection is not a simple problem, in fact it is fatal. And it is usually caused by taking someone’s body for granted. If you will keep on smoking, you are giving yourself a chance to win lung cancer and tuberculosis. Did you know that continues smoking will actually burn your lungs and will eventually kill every single parts of it? If this will happen, you will no longer revive your lungs. Medicine and supplements could no longer bring it back to its best state. So, before it happens you have to start avoiding things that will harm it. Quit smoking and stop eating fatty foods, and lastly take a regular exercise.

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