Natural Herbal Antibiotics

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Natural Herbal Antibiotics

We encounter different bacterium everyday and their main responsibility is to form or establish some ailments that will soon weaken our immune system. It is sad news that these bacterium are found exactly in the place we live in, and in some food that we eat. How does it happen that bacteria are found in the food that we eat? It happens when the food we prepare is under cooked. Meat has more bacteria than vegetable and fruits, that’s why you need to cook this in proper heat and in proper manner for you to avoid eating bacteria from your food. But in case that you have already some minor disease like common cold, fever, or cough with phlegm, then what you need is natural herbal antibiotics to cure yourself.

Antibiotic is a medicine that kills bacteria in our body. As we all know, these bacteria are roaming around our body to weaken some cells and body parts inside us. And when these happen all you have to do is visit your physician, they will advise you to drink antibiotics to wash out this bad bacteria living inside your body. But some doctors think that commercial antibiotics also kill some good bacteria that live inside us, and this is the reason why they recommend natural herbal antibiotics.

Ginger, garlic, tea tree oil, and aloe vera are just few of the natural herbal antibiotics that you can use as an alternative to traditional antibiotics which you can buy to your trusted drug store.

It has been known that garlic has a strong power to kill bacteria if you are going to eat it raw. It becomes less effective when eaten cooked, so you also need to be strong when eating it raw because its taste might be unpleasant for you. The antioxidants present in garlic also help in boosting our body’s immune system. Garlic also has a characteristic that cannot be easily destroyed by bacteria that is why it is much better than traditional antibiotics.

Eucalyptus is also a natural herbal antibiotic that helps cure some bacterial infection. It also has an antiseptic property, which is good in curing some skin diseases. It gives a better result once diluted and mixed to oil such as olive oil or almond oil.

If you experience sinusitis, sore throat, or ear infection, goldenseal is the best natural herbal antibiotic to use in curing this illness. In fact, goldenseal is really better in curing internal infection than external infection. It is also rich in insulin, in which a great medicine for diabetes.

There are lots of natural herbal antibiotics that you can use to kill some bacteria living in your body. Natural herbal antibiotics are better than main stream antibiotics that you can buy over the counter. Main stream antibiotics, when consumed too much, bacteria become immune and they become susceptible to antibiotics’ power. Unlike when natural herbal antibiotics are being used to the bacteria, it becomes difficult for bacteria to fight its power.

Keep in mind that it is always better to rely in the power of natural resources than those commercialize things that we can buy over the counter.

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