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Night Blooming Cereus Stem

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Night Blooming Cereus Stem


Night Blooming Cereus Stem (Selenicereus grandiflorus) is an exquisite flowering plant which is considered to be nocturnal since it opens in the evening and closes at dawn. It is native to the tropical regions of America. It is described as a creeping shrub with cylindrical stems with prickly spines. Its flowers are very large and emit a vanilla like perfume in the evening hours. The flowers of the Night Blooming Cereus Stem last only for 6 hours and do not bloom again when withered.

The Night Blooming Cereus Stem should be collected in July when the plant is fresh. A tincture from the Night Blooming Cereus Stem is considered to be a homeopathic treatment for many health problems.

History and Origins

The Night Blooming Cereus Stem was introduced in Britain from the West Indies as a garden ornament. It was noted to be used as a tonic treatment for the heart as comparable to the medicating effects of Digitalis. The name Night Blooming Cereus Stem or Selenicereus is derived from the Greek word selene and Cereus which means moon.

Ancient Uses

The Night Blooming Cereus Stem was not considered medicinal when it was first brought to Britain from the West Indies but rather an ornamental plant with no medicinal characteristics whatsoever. Further studies in Naples however suggests that it can be used in the treatment of cardiac disorders and may be even comparable to Digitalis which was then the traditional medication for arrhythmias and chest pain.

Modern Uses

In modern times, the Night Blooming Cereus Stem is still used for angina like symptoms, for infections of the heart’s interior lining or endocarditis, for inflammation of the heart walls and for rheumatism as well. Studies have also shown that the Night Blooming Cereus Stem is also useful for bladder inflammation, fatigue, fluid retention, indigestion, kidney congestion and irritable bladder.

A liquid extract of the Night Blooming Cereus Stem may also relieve shortness of breath and tobacco poisoning. Some experts agree that Night Blooming Cereus Stem is also a remedy for emphysema, tinnitus and menstrual problems.

Side Effects

Although the Night Blooming Cereus Stem has a positive effect on the heart and may be used in many heart ailments, its safety is still questionable. Therefore, if you have cardiac problems or suffer arrhythmias or shortness of breath plus experience chest pains when exerting effort, you must consult your doctor for an effective treatment.

If you wish to use Night Blooming Cereus Stem for its medicinal benefits, talk to a health professional regarding the use of this plant. If you are lactating or pregnant, Night Blooming Cereus Stem must not be used for any reason since it may cause fetal abnormalities and decreased blood pressure.

If you are using any cardiac medications, ask your doctor for advice regarding Night Blooming Cereus Stem use. Other side effects may be nausea and vomiting, Burning sensation in mouth, diarrhea and gastro intestinal upset. Night Blooming Cereus Stem may have many medicinal properties but it is still wise to consult your doctor regarding safety and use for your illness.

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