Occasional Sleeplessness

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Occasional Sleeplessness


Occasional sleeplessness is described as the inability to sleep without a particular medical or physiologic condition. This sleep problem may happen to anyone and may even lead to chronic insomnia if not treated.
Occasional sleeplessness happens to millions of people year after year; it can develop in essentially healthy people or may be due to use of medications which cause temporary sleeplessness. If you suffer from occasional sleeplessness then it’s time to evaluate your sleeping habits and reduce this problem with simple remedies.

Causes of Occasional Sleeplessness

As mentioned, occasional sleeplessness is the inability to initiate sleep or maintain sleep without any specific medical condition. The most common cause for this sleep problem is stress. When a person is stressed due to a certain emotional concern or stress due to work and family, he may still think of ways to remedy his problems causing him to be awake.
Taking medications prescribed for a certain illness can also lead to insomnia. Medications like cold remedies, antidepressants, alcohol and pain medications can all cause temporary insomnia. Taking illegal drugs may also cause occasional sleeplessness and must be treated immediately to reduce serious complications.

Symptoms of Occasional Sleeplessness

Occasional sleeplessness symptoms may not be too severe unlike insomnia; symptoms may not be too frequent and may be reduced with the help of medication and alternative remedies. Since this sleep problem is not related to any other medical condition, it is easily treated and is very preventable.

Treatments of Occasional Sleeplessness

Here are some easy techniques to get to sleep right away without the use of any medications at all. Since occasional sleeplessness is just a result of simple worries and taking medications, it may be relatively easy to counter its effects:

  • If prescription medication is causing insomnia, your regular sleeping pattern will return after your prescription is over. You can talk to your doctor in reducing your prescription medication dose if ever sleeplessness is affecting your work or school activities.
  • If stress is the reason for your occasional sleeplessness, de-stress before you lie down to bed. Try low impact activities like taking a stroll, listening to low music, reading a book or doing simple hobbies that can take your mind of problems before you go to sleep.
  • Try a warm bath and add natural oils to stimulate calm and relaxation. Soak for as much as you can before you hit the sack.
  • Reduce lighting and lower noise levels in the bedroom to relax and de-stress you. Play quiet music or white noise CDs to reduce stress and ease your mind off your worries. You will soon fall asleep in no time at all.
  • Milk helps in inducing sleep, studies have shown that it contains an adequate amount of tryptophan that can induce calmness and make you sleep. Try a tuna, salmon or turkey sandwich that is also rich in tryptophan.
  • Write all your worries in a diary and leave them for tomorrow. You may do this every night to remove all your restless thoughts before you try to go to sleep.

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