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Pregnancy Complications

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Pregnancy Complications


Being pregnant is the most important and looked forward phase in a women’s life. As significant the period is, so is extremely necessary to take care of oneself during this phase. As the body undergoes multitude of hormonal and physical changes there can be one or more complications that may arise for the pregnant woman. Some may be very common and not technically much troublesome while others may be much severe and require medical attention. These complications can be acutely different for every woman, her condition and the phase of the pregnancy.


The major causes of such complications are the physical and hormonal changes in the body of the pregnant woman.

The vomiting and the feeling of nausea that occurs in the first trimester are mainly due to the rise in beta HCG hormone. When this decreases by approximately the 14th week, the symptoms also subside.

The progesterone hormone relaxes the esophageal sphincter near the throat. This causes acid reflux. The hormone also cause the muscles of the intestine to lose strength, hence constipation can occur.

The expanding uterus leaves less room for the stomach hence even a bit of overeating cause the food to reflux in the throat. The increase in size of the uterus also causes increased frequency of urination as considerable weight is exerted on the bladder.

The growing body weight causes other problems like increased fatigue and backache. These are very common in pregnant women. Apart from these, the ankles may become swollen due to long standings with the weight on.

Signs and Symptoms

The common symptoms in the first trimester are feelings of vomiting and nausea. Later with increased weight, back and leg pains may start. The ankles become swollen due to retention of water in legs and lower limbs. This fluid retention may start carpel tunnel syndrome too with the feeling of prickling pins and needles all over the body.

Later in the pregnancy there is acid reflux, heart burn and the increased frequency of urination. Also the body becomes easily tried and worn out. Other symptoms include constipation, breast tenderness and leg cramps.

The expanding uterus also causes the skin to itch continuously mainly in the abdominal region. Care should be taken to avoid it so as to prevent stretch marks from developing later on.

In the later part of the pregnancy, varicose veins may develop due to fluid retention in legs. Pregnant women may also start suffering from piles and breast tenderness due to the changes in circulation and physical expansion.

Treatment Options

Generally, medications are avoided during pregnancy due to one or more side effects they might have on the body. The doctors do not prescribe or suggest any medications unless truly required. Some mild medication that the pregnant women usually take is for acid reflux control and relief from constipation.

Holistic Treatments

Natural and homeopathic remedies are best choice for pregnant women. They do not have any side effects and are also effective to maintain healthy pregnancy and post partum well being. The only factor to be precautious about is that some of the herbal remedies may trigger early labor, so one should always consult a homeopathic or herbal practitioner before taking one.

Aromatherapy oils are very helpful for relief from complications related to pregnancy. It should be kept in mind to buy these from only well known brands only.

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