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Pruritis is defined as the tingling sensation on skin that imparts a strong desire to scratch the area to get relief from the feeling. It may occur on specific localized areas on body or it may start all over the body.

At first glance the exact causes of Pruritis cannot be determined as it may be caused by external affects; it can be symptom of internal problems and it can also be a side effect of some medication. This itching can also be due to some kind of skin disorders and also when the nerve impulses attached to the area being scratched have some mistake in processing.

Though it does not have any serious medical repercussions, but Pruritis causes much discomfort and anxiety in people suffering from it. This almost continuous itching and feeling of tingling can even disrupt a good night sleep and result in insomnia and fatigue.


Pruritis can be an outcome of several types of skin infections like one from fungal and others like thrush, candidiasis and athlete’s foot. Often a presence of external parasites on the skin like lice and scabies also causes severe itching. Other skin problems like hives, prutitis ani and chicken pox also causes Pruritis . Other skin conditions like sunburn, eczema, psoriasis and even increased dryness causes itching.

Some internal problems in the body are also manifested as itching in certain areas or almost all over. These problems include thyroid malfunction, kidney failure and improper secretions and functions of liver. Other blood disorders and even a deficiency of iron may cause Pruritis. Even mental anxiety and stress may causes itching too.

Hormonal changes in women during pregnancy or later during menopause can also cause Pruritis. Other than these psorosis is also common as a side effect of some medications or allergic reactions. Exposure to some chemicals or plant and even insect bites may causes itching rashes all over the body.

Apart from these nerve problems and disease like HIV can also cause frequent tingling sensations and a desire to itch the area for relief.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms include localized irritability on skin and itching which is frequent, prolonged and does not go off easily. There may be redness and dryness too.

Treatment Options

As Pruritis results from one or many reasons, it is significant to diagnose the underlying condition. If the problem is due to some disease like thyroid or liver malfunction or due to blood disorder or deficiency of iron, then treating the root problem can alleviate Pruritis symptoms too.

Other then this some external lotions are often prescribed to get relief for itching like calamine lotion, menthol or camphor lotion or mild corticosteroids. In severe circumstances when itching is causing restlessness, insomnia or severe anxiety, it can also be treated by prescribing oral antihistamines and even ultraviolet light therapy.

Holistic Treatments

Some self care remedies may greatly help to get relief from itching. They are taking lukewarm shower or cooling the skin by applying damp towels.

Some herbal and homeopathic medications also provide side effect free relief. Ingredients in such medications like Galium aperine, Trifolium pratense, Natrium muriaticum and Kalium sulphate greatly help to clean the blood and boost skin health and radiance. Apart from these, marigold, tea tree oil and lavender are also well known for their relieving effect for itchy and dry skin.

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