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Retaining Water

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Retaining Water


Water retention is also called the problem of edema. This condition occurs when excess amount of water traps in your body tissues. Although this disease can affect any area of the body, but it mainly occurs in the hands, arms, feet, legs and ankles. It can occur as a result of a prolonged medication, pregnancy or an underlying disorder like heart failure, kidney disease and cirrhosis. Taking medications to reduce the extra amount of fluids from the body and limiting the intake of salt helps to control this water retention problem.


Some of the important causes of water retention problem are described below:

Pregnancy- The problem of water retention occurs due to 25 percent of weight gained during the time of pregnancy. In this condition, water is retained in hands, face, legs, ankles and feet. There may occur sudden swelling in the face and hands parts.

Excess sodium- Taking a lot of salt can contribute to this type of fluid retention. Salt is made of sodium which is a mineral that holds fluids. But be aware of the fact that only eleven percent of the sodium comes from your daily salt intake and the rest of it comes from the processed and junk foods that you eat.

Medications- Water retention can arise as a result of the side effects of some of the medicines that are used to treat various ailments. It mainly includes d r u g s for high blood pressure, diabetes and some edema counter medicines. You must get the proper details of the side effects of various medicines that you use to prevent the stroke of this side effect.

Serious medical conditions- Certain serious medical problems cause the illness of water retention. It include cirrhosis which interferes with the regulation of the fluids. This makes the fluid to retain in the legs and abdominal cavity. The problem of kidney disease blocks the removal of fluids and sodium from the body. It gives rise to fluid retention in the legs and around the eyes parts.


Some of the main signs and symptoms of water retention problem are described below:

1.There may arise pain and pressure in the chest
2.One may suffer from the frequent strokes of coughing
3.You may face the problem of fatigue and a difficulty in walking properly
4.There may occur the symptom of shortness of breath
5.A decreased amount of body hair may occur, mainly in the area of swelling
6.A lot of pain and discomfort may occur in the swelling affected parts
7.There may occur an inability to urinate properly
8.The state of unconsciousness can be felt
9.Some skin changes may arise like thickening and loss of elasticity


There are many treatment options for reducing the problem of water retention. It includes a low dose of diuretic (water pill) to lower down swelling from the affected parts. There are also some severe cases of this illness where the blood vessels get blocked or damaged. In such matters, a surgery is required to perform. However, learn some fine holistic treatments to control this disease.


There some fine lifestyle ways to control edema. Here is their description:

Eat a diet low in sodium content, like do not take too much salty processed and junk foods.
– Drink a good amount of water to flush out the toxins and prevent the problem of dehydration.
– Get out of your home and do a good amount of workout for at least 30 minutes.
– Limit the use of dehydrating drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol

  • Talk to a good medical expert if you are suffering from a severe form of this illness.

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