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Rosacea is a problem of chronic and inflammatory skin disease which mainly affects the adults. It gives rise to redness on the skin and causes small red, pus-filled bumps and pustules. If you leave them untreated then they become progressive. It means that they get worse over the passing time. In some people, rosacea occurs in cyclic forms. The signs and symptoms of this distress arise from weeks to months. At times, its mistaken with the problems of eczema. However, this illness can be treated by the use of some fine treatment options and lifestyle changes.


The important causes of rosacea are described right below:

Fair skinned- This problem affects fair-skinned people more than dark-skinned individuals. It can occur prominently due to the redness which arises from enlarged blood vessels under the skin and enhanced vascularity or spider-like blood vessels.

Blush easily- People who blush easily get this skin disease more often and it mainly affects the facial parts. Those who get down with this illness have a red and bulbous nose due to the problem of inflammation.

Age- Age is also an important factor which affects the problem of rosacea. This problem is caused in people who are between the age groups of 30-50 years. There may arise eruptions which ooze and form crusts over the skin and may look like acne.

Gender- Gender is another main factor that influences the occurrence of this skin disease. Women are more likely to get down with this illness. But, men suffer from the severe forms of this disorder. However, avoiding the use of cheap make-up and alcohol can bring positive results in treating this illness. The practice of yoga also helps in controlling this problem.


Some of the main signs and symptoms of rosacea are mentioned below:

1. There may occur acne-like rash
2. Blushing or redness of the face and other areas of the body may arise
3. There may arise a bumpy texture to the skin
4. Lots of redness and irritation may occur
5. You may suffer from skin thickening
6. There may arise a severe swelling of the skin
7. Some visible blood vessels can be seen
8. There may occur a bacterial infection of an oil gland or eyelash follicle in the eyelid margin (its also called stye or hordeolum)
9.You may suffer from a persistent and enlarged tissue of the nose
10.There may arise red and sore eyes (its also called bloodshot eyes)
11.Some skin eruptions may occur which may ooze and form crusts
12.There may occur skin tingling and burning
13.You may suffer from a severe inflammation of the skin


There are many treatment options for controlling the problem of rosacea. It includes oral antibiotics and topical creams. They are prescribed to reduce the signs of inflammation and redness. The use of topical cortisone may also be prescribed as vitamin C therapy and cosmetic surgery. However, learn some fine holistic treatments to control this skin illness.


There are some fine lifestyle changes that helps to treat the problem of rosacea. Learn them right here:

Wear a sunscreen of sun-protection factor or SPF 30 or more while going out in the open sun.

– Do not rub or touch the diseased parts too much as its going to produce lots of irritation and the feelings of itchiness.

– Avoid overheating your body by doing lots of workout.

– Do not drink alcohol, as it can aggravate this skin problem.

– Avoid the facial products that contain alcohol.

  • Talk to a good medical expert if you are suffering from a severe form of rosacea or any of the above discussed symptoms.

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