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Rubella is also called the problem of German measles or three-day measles. This one is a contagious viral infection which is famous for its sign of red rash. This problem mainly affects the skin and lymph nodes. It spreads in the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. In fact, the symptoms of rubella are similar to that of the illness of measles. But, rubella comes with an added danger to pregnant women. The problem of congenital rubella syndrome gives rise to the signs of miscarriage, mental retardation, deformities of the heart and eyes, deafness, even liver, spleen and bone marrow illnesses.


The main cause of rubella is a virus which passes from one person to another. It spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This distress can occur by a direct contact with an infected person’s respiratory secretions like mucus. It can also get transmitted from a pregnant woman to her unborn child through the blood stream. This ill condition can spread before the 10 days of the occurrence of a rash and after one or two weeks of the disappearance of the rash. It spreads without the awareness of the person who is infected with it.


Some of the important signs and symptoms of rubella are described right inside:

Fever– Rubella gives rise to the symptoms of high fever. It increases the body temperature to as high as 104 or 105 degrees F, depending upon the individual. This problem occurs within 10-12 days of the attack of this viral infection.

Respiratory effects– There may arise some minor respiratory illnesses. It mainly includes a dry cough, runny nose and chest congestion. They can irritate and worsen down the problem of rubella.

Eye irritation– You may suffer from the illness of redness of eyes which is called the problem of conjunctivitis. The adults suffering from this infectious disease may develop sensitivity to light. It can be really bothersome to live with this sign of rubella.

Body Rash– There may arise a rash on the face before it spreads to the trunk. It disappears in the same order in which it occurs. There arise some pink and small dots of this rash which together form large pink patches, covering a bigger portion on the skin. They may give rise to the sensations of irritation and itching. But, if you scratch them then the whole condition becomes much more severe.

Aches and pain– The adults, suffering from rubella, may face the symptom of joint aches and pain. In fact, they are likely to feel more distressed with this signal than children.


There are some treatment options that prove to be highly effective in healing this viral infection problem. The use of over-the-counter medicines is recommended to combat with the symptoms of this illness. It mainly includes acetaminophen or ibuprofen. You can also give aspirin to your child to treat the signs of this disease. However, learn some fine holistic ways to control this disorder.


There are some fine lifestyle changes that help to resolve the problem of rubella. Here is their list:

Take a good amount of bed rest to reduce down the effect of this illness.

– Eat only healthy diet like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

– Drink lots of water to prohibit the illness of dehydration. You can also take fruit juices and broths for this purpose.

– Take a warm moist towel and place it on the neck of your child. It will soothe down the swollen glands.

– Avoid people who are infected with this disease.

  • Talk to a good medical expert if you are suffering from a severe form of this viral disorder.

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