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Scabies is a skin disease, caused by a tiny mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. It gives rise to the problem of intense itching. You feel a strong urge to scratch like anything, especially during the night time. It is a contagious disease and can spread to all the members of the family through physical contact. This one is a common illness which can affect people of any gender, race, age group and social background. Around 300 million cases of this disease arise every year throughout the globe.


Scabies is an illness which is caused by the bite of female mites called ‘human itch mite’ or Sarcoptes scabiei. These eight-legged mites get attracted to warmth and severe odor places. They live and survive on the upper layer of the skin and lay eggs there for causing further damage. After sometime, they cause an allergic reaction which gives rise to an intense feeling of itching and scratching, mainly at night. Some of the common factors that cause this illness are described below:

1. Crowded areas and unsanitary conditions like in big cities, hospitals, child-care centers, prisons and nursing homes.

2. A casual, direct or prolonged contact with infected people can give rise to this illness. It includes children, mothers of young children and old people at nursing homes.

3. If you share unwashed clothes, towels and beddings then also you may get scabies.

4. A skin-to-skin contact, mainly sexual one, can cause this skin disease.
Signs and Symptoms

If a person has never suffered from scabies then he may take the time of four to six weeks to show the signs and symptoms of this disease. But, if a person has ever got infected with this skin illness, then he might show some signals within one to four days. However, an infected individual can spread this disease even if he is not showing any sign. To list on, here are some of the main symptoms and signs that a diseased person may face:

1. There may arise irritation and sores due to practice of intense scratching on feeling itchy (it generally occur around the nipples, between the fingers and the toes, buttocks, genitals, shoulder blades, skin folds of the knees and elbows, sores of the feet, under the nails, underarm parts and waistline).

2. Some pimple like itchy rashes arise that have a scaly and blister like appearance may arise.

3. There may occur the problem of bloody or pink colored urine or hematuria

4. You may feel a change in your consciousness level and a decreased alertness in your mind.

5. There may arise the sign of decreased urination or lack of proper urination.

6. The problem of high fever (which is higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit) may occur.

Treatment Options

There are some homeopathic treatments to heal this skin disease. It includes ingredients like Psorinum, Staphisagria and Viola tri. The first one helps to soothe itching and the mite-linked irritation. The second remedy helps to fix the parasitic itching problem. And the third one is an excellent remedy for curing the problem of mite rashes and skin reactions.

Holistic Treatments

There are some fine lifestyle ways that help to prevent the sight of scabies. Here is their list:

– Wash all the beddings and clothings that are infected with this skin infection.
– Do no share your clothes with the person who is suffering from scabies.
– Take bath in cold water and pat your skin dry with a soft cotton cloth.
– Do not scratch your diseased parts as it may give rise to sores.
– Vacuum clean your carpets, rugs, mattresses and curtains to kill the scabies causing mites.

  • However, talk to a good medical expert if you are suffering from a severe form of this skin disease

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