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Scabies Rash

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Scabies Rash


Scabies are very small worms with eight legs which are not visible normally to the naked eyes. They tend to be an ectoparasite on human skin and start their lifecycle including laying of eggs. They are also extremely contagious and can easily pass from one person to another by even brief contacts of skin or clothing.

When these creatures start infesting the human skin, they penetrate inside. As a result, there is strong itching sensation and a rash develops. The itching is persistent and extreme. Also there can be development of pimple like structures on skin are even flaky skin indicating the penetration of skin by these parasites. Allergic reaction to these worms and there waste matter also causes strong itching sensation.

In the early stages of the infection, there is no itching. Later too this rash is easily mistaken for eczema or other skin problems. One of the identifiable symptoms of scabies rash is that the itching increases at night or after taking a hot shower.


It is caused by the infection from scabies parasites. Most commonly it develops in between toes and fingers. Also the other characteristic places of infection are in the cervices of knee, elbow and also on wrist. The infection occurs commonly on buttocks, shoulder blades, breasts and groin too.

It is commonly found in infants and the elderly. A visible flaky skin with incessant itching which does not heal on its own for a long time should be consulted with a doctor as soon as possible. Effective treatment can easily relieve this problem.

Signs and Symptoms

Incessant itching with a rash is a common symptom. Development of pimples like structure and flaky skin are also common which signifies deep infestation of the skin. Some symptoms that are specific to scabies rash are that the itching gets intensifies during the night and also after a hot water shower. It does not go easily on its own.

Treatment Options

The very important aspect of scabies rash that should be taken into account is that it is highly contagious and easily passes from the infected person to the other by short contact. Thus it should be taken into account that the treatment for scabies rash should be done for the whole family as members can be infected with various stages of the parasite. Also care should be taken to vacuum the home regularly and maintain hygienic condition to ensure the worms are cling on the home items. Beddings, clothing and linens should be properly washed. The items that cannot be washed should be sealed in a plastic bag and left for few days. When these mites do not find a parasite to feed on, they would eventually die.

Holistic Treatments

There are some homeopathic treatments that are excellent in treating the extreme itching caused by scabies. One such medicine is Psorinum which is infact extracted form scabies and is excellent in giving relief from all kinds of itching including scabies. Staphisagria also treats the itching and kills the mites that cause scabies rash and itching. Viola tri is also one such medicine that treats rash causing mites and gives relief from associated itching.

Care should also be taken to avoid itching the infected area continuously as this can spread the infection to other parts as well.

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