Sleep Problems in Children

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Sleep Problems in Children


Children often face some sleep disorders. Especially, during the present time where parents have no time for their kids, such problems are tightening their roots. A good and sound sleep is very important for the health of the child as it restores all the fine functions of the body. So, a lack of sleep not only affects the immune system, but it also hinders the proper growth and development of a child. Some slight sleep problems disappear by themselves while others develop in severe forms. It mainly includes parasomnias, obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep paralysis, snoring, and seasonal affective disorder.


Some of the important causes of childhood sleep disorders are described below:

Separation Anxiety- Children start feeling separation stress at the age of 5 months. They want their parents, mainly mothers, to be present with them while sleeping or waking-up during the night time. The kids who are made to sleep by themselves face less anxiety during the bed time. You can control this cause by placing a soft toy or blanket near your child or checking frequently whether he is sleeping or not.

Resistance- Some toddlers and school age children may resist going to bed for sleeping. This resistance occurs because of their desire for playing more, independence, increased motor and social abilities. A kid may show disobedience by not going to bed or by throwing tantrums. You can control this reason by decreasing day-time sleeping or adding more comforts to the bedroom of your child. Encourage your child to sleep at time and reduce household noise after he gets into his bed cover.

Fears, Nightmares and Night Terrors- During the night time, most of the kids suffer from the fears of imaginative monsters and their stories. So, they show reluctance in sleeping properly. To overcome these fears of your child, you need to cuddle him and pamper him. Tell him positive stories and dim the light of his bedroom. Do not allow your child to see horror movies and television soaps, so that he may not get negative ideas before sleeping. Alongwith nightmares, there are also night terrors. They cause screaming and sleepwalking.
Bed Wetting- The problem of bed-wetting may awake a child in the night and he may not feel like sleeping again. In fact, the fear of bed-wetting may also make a kid awake for the whole night. This condition occurs due to an involuntary urination in the night or when a child ignores the urge to urinate when the bladder becomes full.


Some of the main signs and symptoms of childhood sleep problems are listed below:

1. Accidents and injuries
2. Behavior problems
3. Mood problems
5. Memory, concentration and learning problems
6. Performance problems
7. Slower reaction times


There are many treatment options for healing the problem of childhood sleep disorders. It includes bladder-control training, reinforcement and responsibility training, conditioning and medication. The problem of anxiety is also cured with some coping strategies like reassurance, calming bedtime routines, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. However, learn some fine holistic approaches to combat with this sleeping issue.


There are some fine lifestyle changes that help to improve the habit of sleeping in your child. Here is their description:

– Get familiar with your child’s mood and try to pamper him during the night time, so that he likes resting and sleeping at time.

– Provide light in the room of your child if he does not like dark.

– Tell positive and light stories to your kid and slowly make him to sleep.

– Cuddle your child and give proper feed, so that he may not feel hungry at night and get awake instantly.

  • However, talk to a good medical expert if your child is suffering from any sort of sleep problem to ensure a better and secure future for him.

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