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Yarrow Flowering Tops

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Yarrow Flowering Tops (Achillea millefolium)


The Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) plant is native to the Northern Hemisphere especially in the states of New Mexico and Colorado. Here it is called ‘plumajillo’ which means ‘little feather’. It may also be known as the common yarrow, nosebleed plant, old man’s pepper, soldier’s woundwort and thousand-seal

The Yarrow is a perennial plant with small leaves equally distributed along the plant’s stem. The leaves have a distinct “hairiness”. The flowers of the Yarrow vary from white to pink which may be in clusters of 3 to 8 small ovate flowers.

The Yarrow flowers from May to June each year and is very common in beautiful and well maintained gardens. It is very resistant to drought which is why it is commonly planted in gardens and landscapes in the arid regions of Colorado and New Mexico

History and Origin

The Yarrow flowering tops have a very colorful history dating back to the Middle Ages. The name Yarrow is from an Old English word ‘gearwe’, which is a combination of a Dutch word ‘gerw’ and a German Word ‘garawa’. There were several attributions of the Yarrow flowering tops to witchcraft and folklore; it was believed that the Yarrow can be used in love spells and to drive away evil spirits.

Ancient Uses

The Yarrow flowering tops was used in magic and was also believed to have magical powers on its own. Drinking tea made of Yarrow flowering tops ensures a bride a lasting married life. It was used as a decoration for weddings to give the bride and groom a lasting married life for at least seven years. It was also used to drive away evil spirits and demons away.

Modern Uses

The flowers and the leaves of the Yarrow are the most commonly used for medicinal purposes. The Yarrow flowering tops has been known to contain astringent properties. It is also used for its anti inflammatory properties which is beneficial in the treatment of hemorrhoids and rheumatism.

The herb is also known to have stimulant effects which can become central nervous system stimulants known as snuff. It has positive effects to cure the common cold and flu. Yarrow flowering tops have also been used to treat infections and diseases of the circulatory system like hypertension, digestive system like stomach pains and indigestion and also for the excretory system.

The cure of some allergies is also possible with the Yarrow flowering tops. The flowers of the Yarrow have allergic compounds; extracts from the flowers can be used to cure allergies, mucus problems and other pulmonary system disorders.

Side Effects

Yarrow flowering tops is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. There is also no research or clinical trial yet on the effectiveness of the Yarrow to children under the age of 2 years. An allergy test should be done before administering Yarrow flowering tops supplements since some people may experience an allergic reaction from this herb like skin rashes and increased sensitivity to light. There have been studies in the effect of the use of Yarrow flowering tops in the sperm production of rats but no subsequent studies in humans were conducted. If you want to use Yarrow flowering tops supplements for your illness, it is best to consult your doctor regarding the dosage and adverse reactions with the medicines you are currently taking.

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