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Yin Chiao

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Yin Chiao


Yin Chiao is a traditional Chinese medicinal formula and it is considered a part of what is called a Chinese Classic Herbal Formula. This is equivalent to a study of herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that herbs must be combined together to harness a much greater therapeutic effects as well as be more effective as a preventive remedy for many types of illnesses and ailments.

Yin Chiao is just one of the many formulas that students of Traditional Chinese medicine learn. There are more than a hundred herbs included in their studies.

History and Origin

Ancient traditional Chinese medicine theories believed that the human body must be kept in a balanced state of being at all times. There are many forces that can upset a person’s delicate balance and the herbs used in the Chinese Classic Herbal Formula are all formulated to achieve such balance and overall wellness. These formulas were created individually and were basically incorporated to make medicines more potent and more effective.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is a part of the Chinese Classic Herbal Formula which was developed by herbalist and historian Qian Yi and Yin Chiao is one of the formulas used. It was published in the Key to Therapeutics of Children’s Diseases or the Xiao’er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue.

Ancient Uses

The Yin Chiao is just one of the many formulas used to treat many different types of illnesses. There are several herbs that are combined to make Yin Chiao. Equal and precise amounts of the following herbs: Jin Yin Hua, Jie Geng, Lian Qiao, Niu Bang Zi, Gan Cao, Bo He, Dan Zhu Ye, Dan Dou Chi, and Jing Jie. Yin Chiao is used to treat the common cold and many other upper respiratory tract illnesses.

Modern Uses

The use of Yin Chiao during modern times has not changed at all. The herbs that are used to make Yin Chiao are still the specific formula used by Chinese herbal experts. Although each herb that completes Yin Chiao has individual functions, when combined, they are used to treat cough, colds and to relieve nasal congestion as well.
Yin Chiao is known to remove excess heat in the blood which, in traditional Chinese medicine could become a health hazard for many body systems. It also helps remove harmful toxins in the body through expelling heat.

It is also known to treat irritability and restlessness. It is recommended to strengthen the immune system thus can it can also help to prevent illnesses as well.

Side Effects

Taking traditional Chinese remedies for your illness can only be done through consultation with your doctor or herbalist. It is advised to ask if there are any adverse reactions to your existing medications and also ask for the desired dose according to your health condition.

Yin Chiao is not recommended to be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women. There are no studies regarding the effectiveness and safety of Yin Chiao herbal supplements and remedies for very young children so it is best not to use this at all.

Careful research is needed before using traditional Chinese medications so seek medical advice beforehand.

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