"I have thinning/bald areas around the edges of my hair. I began using this product on Nov, 20, 2009. I noticed a significant improvement after 2 1/2 weeks."

Kodi from Conyers, GA on 12/9/2009

Hair Essentials is an effective hair loss treatment. It works by decreasing DHT levels in the bloodstream. It then helps repair damaged hair follicles and kick starts new ones. The result? Healthy new hair growth.

Hair Essentials has a very high success rate and is our most reordered product. The majority of people who use Hair Essentials see results within the first month and continue to see results with long term use. You can read some of their success stories below.

We are so confident that Hair Essentials will work for you that if your not 100% satisfied then we will refund your money.

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5 Stars 1 1/2 months now, and love it

I have been using Hair Essentials for 1 1/2 months now, and love it. I am a 38 year old female who has suffered from androgenetic alopecia since my early 20's. Progressively getting worse after childbirth "twice". Basically, I have used 5% Rogaine topical for well over 10 years (off during pregnancy). This helped, but continued to loose hair. I have recently been told by two different Surgeons I am not a candidate for a hair transplant. I hope I am getting the severity of hair loss across to you. After two weeks of using Hair Essentials, I noticed my hair was so healthy and manageable. Hair growth had started. I continued to have a significant amount of hair growth. The new hair is healthy, shiny and no new gray hairs noted yet. Please don't ever stop selling this product, it has dramatically changed my life. I can be happy again!

By Skeptic, but impressed from Dallas, TX on 7/23/2009

5 Stars Just Loving the results

I am basically not a pill person, but I saw this product and recommended it to an Asian friend who had lost most of her hair in the middle, I saw great results on her, since then to others. Well one month ago, I decided to try it for myself, and truly see the difference, especially, my hairlines that was so short, now it growing back nicely

By Siemone from Queens, NY on 8/24/2009

4 Stars I have tried everything

First and foremost hair loss for a woman is devasting! It is something that is very hard for me, I have been struggling with this since high school. I have tried everything. I was very reluctant at first because it seemed too easy to take three pills in the morning and no more hair loss issues. I've been taking this product for 3 months and have truly noticed a difference. I can put my hair in a pony tail and not feel self conscious. I still have thin spots on my scalp but they are getting less sparse every day. I ordered another 3 month supply. Although I never expect to have thick lucscious locks down my back not being able to see through my scalp is a great improvement in my life.

By Too much of a diva to be bald headed! from orlando fl on 5/17/2009

5 Stars Works for me

As a 50+ year old man that has retained nearly all of his hair well into his late forties, I thought I was doing okay and could live with the hair loss I was experiencing. The loss started at about 46 and wasn't very noticeable until about 49 or so. I resigned myself to live with the hair loss as I had always had a full, thick head of hair and I figured I was due to experience what some others have always had to deal with. At 51 with the hair loss getting very noticable to others and a "monk" pattern developing, I decided I wasn't willing to let my hair fall out without a fight. So after lots of research, I decided to try this product.

Within the first month I noticed less loose hair after showering and my hair seemed to be growing more. Whether it was psychosomatic or not I can't say. However things seemed to hold the same through most of the second month with no new developments. However, towards the end of the second month I definitely started to notice the thinning area getting fuller again in the exact reverse order of its thinning (in other words, what was last to thin was filling out first). And it has continued to do so.

I have taken the Hair Essentials as directed every day now for approximately 80 days. I have not missed a day. I just ordered another 90 day supply.
Today, not only is my balding area no longer visible to anyone but me (and quickly getting back to full thickness - in another 60 days or so I'm sure my hair will be as thick and full as it was when I was 30) but all of my hair is thicker as well.

Here's an aside for you. My hair has been graying since I was in my twenties and I've been "distinguished" since my mid 30's. My hair is getting darker again and there is much more black hair mixed in with the gray now.
Sorry for the long review. I hope someone finds it helpful. Good luck.

By 1RaceDude from Hayward, CA on 3/11/2009

4 Stars This product really works

I have tried so many products hundreds of dollars I have been wearing a wig the past to years because I got frustrated because nothing really had work. But I have been taking the product now going on my second month, and now I am seeing fine baby hairs growing were I never thought would grow. I am really happy that I finally found somethig that works

By Shay from Richmond, VA on 5/28/2009

5 Stars Highly recommended

.I have tried so many hair treatment regimens (from steroid injections by my dermatologist to pills to topicals) for my alopecia areata and this so far has proven very effective for me. After only 2 weeks of use I have noticed new hair growing over my alopecic spots. Plus it is a natural herbal remedy, so I feel safer. Thanks for bringing this wonder pill to the market. I will always be a customer from now on.

By seattlemomSeattle, WA on 4/18/2009

4 Stars It does work!

I have been taking the Hair Essential product for two months now and can not believe how much "new hair" I have. I never expected to see the noticable results so soon. Being a woman, the amount of hair loss I had was forcing me to think about wigs. Not anymore!! My hair is regrowing faster than I ever expected. I intend to keep on using this product.

By Hot Tub Goddess from Chagrin Falls, OH on 3/24/2009

5 Stars Instant Results!

For sometime now, I lived with my hair falling out around the temples and the middle of my hair. I am the type that wore braids since I was very young, and until this day still love the convenience of braids; however, it really damages your hair. For the past two years, I have cut my hair short and left braids alone, but my hair continued to fall out (disgusted). Just recently, I was looking for products to regrow my hair, which led me to this wonderful site. Thank you, I've only been using the product less than a month and I see tiny hairs growing where there were none. The thickness is back again, and today my hairdresser said I grew about 2 inches of new growth (at the same time, saying I really need a relaxer), although, I just received a relaxer about two weeks ago. Thank you! I want to recommed this product to my mother because she lost most of her hair and resorted in wearing wigs. (I have much love for you mommy, but you really need to try this product. We can finally get our long hair back and leave weaves alone. To everyone try this product, if you want results!

By Striving4success28 from Miami, Florida on 2/25/2009

5 Stars I do believe it works!

I'm a woman who has lost a lot of hair over the years and thought it was just aging and bad genetics. However, I recently found out that it was due to my heart medication (beta-blockers), so I got on a different medication and decided to try Hair Essentials . Only halfway through the bottle I started noticing a difference in hair loss - and my hair is hardly graying! Little black hairs are now starting to grow in my bald spots, and my stylist has also said that she noticed the new growth. *happy dance* I'm going to be on this stuff for life!

By Happy Camper from Las Cruces, NM on 3/14/2009

5 Stars It took 3 months but it worked!

The first month wasn't that great. The second month I got better results and but by the third month it really paid of. I started getting compliments on my hair! I am glad I did the 3 month recommended program. Thanks again!

By Adrian from Vancouver on 2/19/2009

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hair Essentials key ingredients?

Made with the highest quality ingredients, derived from the oldest, safest, and most effective medicinal system in history. Cellulose capsules are filled with fine ground herbal powders that are easy to swallow and contain no animal products. Each bottle is approximately a one month supply, when used as recommended.

  • Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) - Saw Palmetto reduces DHT levels in the bloodstream. It also stops cells from absorbing DHT.
  • Polygoni Muliflori (He Shou Wu) -Kidney and Liver problems can cause hair loss and premature gray. Polygoni Muliflori nourishes the Liver, Kidney, and Blood, which in turn nourish your hair and promote hair growth.
  • Fructus Psoraleae (Bu Gu Zhi) - Bu Gu Zhi helps increase circulation, improving the flow of nutrients to your scalp. Many studies have shown it helps promote hair re-growth.
  • Ecliptae Prostratae (Han Lian Cao) - In Eastern medicine, this herb is used to help prevent premature graying and for overall hair health.
  • Collagen Type II (Hyalrunic Acid and Chondroitin complex) - adds strength and structure to connective tissues especially cartilage. Collagen also helps to restore strength and flexibility to skin, nails and hair.
  • MSM is vital to hair and skin. It’s absorbed very well and the body uses the sulphur in MSM for the structural development of hair.

Read the full list of ingredients here; there are no stimulants or pharmaceuticals in hair essentials.

Who created the formula?

Developed & formulated by Dr. Douglas M. Vickerd DTCM, 20+ years of clinical experience.

How long does it take to work?

For best results we recommend a 3 month program, however many customers have reported results much faster.

Can I use hair essentials if I am already using something else for hair loss?

Yes, Hair Essentials can work as a supplement to your other treatments. However, it is designed as a stand alone treatment.

Will I get full regrowth of my hair?

Most of our customers who use Hair Essentials for 90 days or more see substantial regrowth of hair.

How long do you have to take Hair Essentials? Does your hair stabilize?

We recommend customers take Hair Essentials until their hair returns to normal. Many customers have reported fantastic results in short periods of time and no longer take Hair Essentials, while others use Hair Essentials continuously. It will depend on your type of hair loss.

Does Hair Essentials work for both men and women?

Yes. Hair Essentials was designed to regrow new hair in both men and women.

If I buy a 3 month supply (as recommended) is there a discount?

Yes, you save 30% when purchasing 3 bottles and you receive free UPS ground shipping. A month's supply costs $39. A 3 months' supply costs $99 and comes with free shipping. And a 6 months supply costs only $150.

Where can I buy Hair Essentials? Is it available in stores?

You can buy Hair Essentials online right here. And hopefully it will be in a store near you soon. We hear from our customers all the time that we should do more to spread the word and get this fantastic product out there.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, Hair Essentials comes with a money back guarantee. There is very little risk to you. Simple return the product to us and we will credit your charge card the total amount of the product minus a 15% restocking fee.

How quickly can I get Hair Essentials?

You can have it tomorrow if you want, but our free shipping option is UPS ground which normally takes 3 to 5 days.


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