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Veterinarian Reviewed on February 23, 2012 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Every one of us has the familiarity with this small vegetable that is being used as seasoning. It has been said that garlic actually flourished in Central Asia. They first used it in culinary and then eventually discovered that it can also be used as medicine.

Base in history, Egyptians once used it to save their lives in the plague during that time. They crushed some garlic to produce a juice and pour it into their wine. And unbelievably, most of the people who drink this wine with garlic juice survive the plague. And that’s the reason why garlic was identified as medicine for some diseases.

Different types of garlic are spread out to every continent. And every continent uses it in different ways, too.

Garlic is primarily used in culinary, as a seasoning. It was never been absent to every main course. It’s like a single meal is tasteless if there is no garlic used. You will notice in recipe books that garlic is always present in the list of ingredients, just a proof that garlic is one of the most important thing in culinary.

Garlic can grow everywhere and can almost grow in every type of temperature and weather. All you have to do is plant one garlic head to the ground and wait for couple of weeks. Garlic’s plant is hard and strong that is why pests are not attracted to it. This is a kind of plant that doesn’t need much of attention. It’s like plant it today, waters it every now and then, no need to worry about pests, and after awhile you can harvest it without too much effort.

Base on statistics, China is the top producer of garlic in the world. This is because they have wider land to cultivate. India is second in the list. Indians really love garlic and other spices, that’s the reason why they seconded the list of garlic producing country in the world.

Garlic can also be used as cure to some illnesses. This is because of the antioxidant present on it. As we all know antioxidant helps to eliminate damage cells that sometimes cause major ailments like cancers. It is good to know that the food we eat everyday is helping us to stay away from diseases.
Pulmonary tuberculosis is one of the ailments that garlic can cure. Heart disease is also being cured because garlic can neutralize the pressure in our blood. If the blood is becoming thicker, which is not good in our body, garlic will take it back to its normal condition.

It has been said that if you are going to use garlic as a medicine, it is always better if you are going to eat it as raw. This is because the nutrient content stays alive and more effective. Garlic supplement is not as effective as the raw garlic, so better eat raw garlic than those garlic supplements. Another advantage, raw garlic is cheaper than garlic supplement.
Garlic is not just a simple seasoning, so do not take it for granted. Or do not think that it is only used for sautéing.

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