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Ju Hua

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Ju Hua

The Ju Hua Chinese herb is known in the Western world as the florist’s Chrysanthemum, and is simply an ornamental flower. However, in China it is a very common herb used in Chinese medicine and is also drunk as a herbal tea. There are many great benefits to drinking this herbal tea, and it is commonly found in stores and shops all over China and greater Asia. Although the flower frequently grows wild, it is now cultivated due to the large quantities of the herb being needed.

Taste of the Ju Hua Herb

The Ju Hua is very similar to green tea, and is enjoyed throughout the long summers as a refreshing alternative to other drinks. Not only does the Ju Hua Chinese herb taste great, but it is also very good for you. This style of tea is usually brewed as a single leaf tea, and honey or sugar are added to sweeten the flavor. The tea itself is very pleasant to drink, and many people do enjoy it every day, however, the other varieties of the Ju Hua may be bitter to taste.
Varieties of the Ju Hua Chinese Herb

As well as buying the Ju Hua Herb as loose flowers you can also buy it in a cake style product. These Ju Hau cakes are more bitter, and have many flowers pressed together to create the pancake size delicacy. The loose yellow flowers are the most popular way to buy the Ju Hua once the bright yellow flowers are dried they smell exquisite, and taste very sweet. The loose white flowers have a very bitter taste, and are less popular amongst the tea drinkers. Wild Ju Hua taste completely different to the cultivated varieties, and has an extreme bitter taste and smell. This can be off putting too many people, which is why the cultivated types have becoming increasingly more popular.

Benefits of Ju Hua

The Ju Hua herb is used to expel internal heat from the body, as well as helping to improve your kidney and liver function. The properties are excellent at lowering blood pressure, improving your vision, and reducing swelling and inflammation throughout the body. As with many varieties of Chinese tea it has a great detoxifying benefit from drinking it. The tea will help to cleanse your body, and make you feel better from the inside out. The Ju Hua herb can also help with fevers and colds as it reduces the heat within the body, and cools down the internal warmth that usually accompany fevers and colds.

Using the Ju Hua Chinese Herb

Although the Ju Hua is commonly drunk or eaten to gain the amazing benefits it can also be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation. It is great as a skin soak, and can help to draw the heat from your body helping with fevers and colds. It can be applied directly to the skin or wrapped in a bandage and left on the area. This style of treatment is very popular for certain conditions and ailments. The Ju Hua Chinese herb is often mixed with other types to create great combinations of healing herbs for Chinese medicines.

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