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Lophatherum Gracile Herb

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Lophatherum Gracile Herb


Lophatherum gracile can also be called Bamboo leaf and Dan Zhu Ye in traditional Chinese medicine. This plant resembles a bamboo hence the name Bamboo leaf; it grows mainly in many regions in Asia as well as throughout China. It has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries because of the belief that this plant has a natural affinity to provide cold treatment to the body.
The Lophatherum gracile herb can be combined with other herbs to promote cold and purposely relieve diseases and illness due to heat.

History and Origin

The ancient Chinese medicine name for Lophatherum gracile herb which is Dan Zhu Ye, is of great importance. Dan means the color black, Zhu basically is a name for all types of bamboo and Ye means leaf. Although the Lophatherum gracile herb may look similar to the bamboo it does not have the stem of a typical bamboo.

The Lophatherum gracile herb has a long history of use as an herbal remedy in ancient Chinese medicine and if combined with other similar herbs, it can increase its potency and effectiveness as an herbal remedy to disperse heat and toxins.

Ancient Uses

During ancient times, ancient Chinese medicine practitioners have repeatedly used Lophatherum gracile herb for its therapeutic and healing properties. It is known to treat fevers, removing toxins and waste products in a person’s blood and also to improve cardiac function.

Modern Uses

In modern times, the Lophatherum gracile herb is still used pretty much like it was used in past. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have designated this herb as a beneficial herb to treat the heart, stomach and the small intestines as well.
It is beneficial in treating people with scanty amounts of urine and to promote health of the urinary system. It improves cardiac functioning, decreases blood pressure, decreases cholesterol levels and is also great in maintaining a strong and healthy heart.
Oral sores can also be treated with Lophatherum gracile herb. Ulcerations of the mouth, gums and the tongue can also be relieved with the use of this herbal remedy.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Lophatherum gracile herb is used to treat symptoms of irritability, restlessness and sleeplessness. This herb may also benefit women who are suffering from menopause symptoms and also for women who have premenstrual syndromes.

If combined with other herbs and used as an herbal formula, the Lophatherum gracile herb is effective in the treatment of body heat and fever. It has diuretic properties to help cool the body as well.

Side Effects

Lophatherum gracile herb is not meant for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. It is also not recommended for very young children. If you want to use Lophatherum gracile herb for your illness, consult your doctor first regarding any possible adverse effects and to find out what your correct dosage should be.

It is important to learn all the effects, properties and adverse effects of an herbal remedy before use. Always purchase Lophatherum gracile herb supplements and preparations from reputable dealers and always read how herbal remedies are prepared to be able to get the best quality and most potent herbs for your use.

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