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Pregnancy is the preparation for progeny. It is the most wonderful roller coaster in the life of any women. There are visible physical changes, as well as invisible yet significant emotional and hormonal changes. The tremendous upheaval that the body goes through needs utmost attention and care. The experiences during this phase boost the preparation and renders energy to be able to take care of the new born efficiently. Moreover the impacts are lifelong and everlasting. Its duration in human females is nine months on an average with three trimesters, each equally divided into three months each.


There are certain biological and physical symptoms that a woman goes through these nine months. The symptoms usually are caused by the different hormonal changes.

As the implantation of the fetus takes place and as it grows further, developing various systems, there are effects visible on the body of the carrying mother too.

Signs and Symptoms

In the first trimester which lasts from conception to up to 12 weeks, as the body begins to prepare itself for the embryo and for developing a baby, there are number of symptoms that appear. There is frequent feeling of nausea and vomiting. The pregnant women get tired and fatigued easily. Also due to the pressure on the urinary bladder, the frequency for urination increases. Other than these, one can also go through body aches of back, legs and feet. There may be bowel problems too with constipation and increased bloating. Also because the abdominal region undergoes physical changes, breast may become tender too.

Besides these there are emotional crests and troughs too. Sometimes there are elevated levels of joy and happiness and other times there is utter level of sadness and depression with a deep urge to cry. There are phases of irrelevant irritation and anxiety.

The second trimester lies between weeks 13th to 27th. During this period the body becomes more prepared to carry the fetus. The feelings of nausea and vomiting almost diminish. Some of the other symptoms may include back aches and pain in the groin and thighs as abdomen increases and the legs have to carry more weight. The skin may undergo changes in visibility with stretch marks appearing. There is also a continuous feeling of itchiness, mostly in the belly area.

The third trimester lies after 28th week until birth. As the belly grows profoundly during this period, the swelling in the legs and feet may increase. This may accompany pain too. Fatigue, tiredness and irritation are also common symptoms. There may be extreme mood swings with increased feelings of anxiety.

Treatment Options

A doctor does not usually prescribe any medications for these symptoms because there may be side effects too. Few commonly suggested d r u g s are stool softener vomiting control but only in extreme cases.

Holistic Treatments

These are the best for controlling pregnancy symptoms. Some self care remedies joined with natural herbs may work best to alleviate the symptoms completely.
Self care tips include eating a well balanced healthy diet and doing little amount of exercises regularly. Also caffeine, alcohol and smoke should preferable be completely avoided.
Oils of Litsea cubeba, grape fruit and mandarin help to boost the mind and get relief from mood swings. Also Mag Phos, Nat Sulph, Melissa officinalis and Mentha Piperita help in smooth digestion and bowel movement.

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